Letter: Cast a ‘yes’ vote for the Land Acquisition and Preserve Improvement Referendum

By on March 24, 2011

Urban sprawl has rapidly encroached on our way of life in Kane County. Our roads have become steadily more congested; crime rates have been rising; our taxes have soared as we’ve helped build needed schools, as well as more sewage facilities and police, fire and other public services.

On April 5, however, we have an opportunity to take charge and control some of the adverse effects of this urban sprawl by supporting the Kane County Forest Preserve District’s Land Acquisition and Preserve Improvement Referendum. Why? Because open space is an effective tool in controlling sprawl.

Some folks may be reluctant to vote for any tax increase, no matter how slight. But I ask you, if you think you cannot afford this very modest increase of less than $1 per month, how will you be able to afford the tax increases that will be needed if that same land is developed instead of preserved? The larger your tax bill, the more you need to support this open space referendum. It’s a good investment, and it’s important to protect this land for future generations.

Plus, now is the time to purchase land as it is selling for a faction of the value it was just a few years ago. There are several “deals” from willing sellers.

Please join me in casting a “yes” vote for the Kane County Forest Preserve District’s Land Acquisition and Preserve Improvement Referendum on April 5.

Sue Harney
Dundee Township Supervisor
Sleepy Hollow, Ill.

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