Letter: Boy Scout Summer Camp Freeland 2011 Part 1

On Sunday, July 3, Troop 41 left Sugar Grove for Camp Freeland and stopped just outside Madison, Wis., to eat lunch. When they arrived at C.F.L., they were given a tour of the camp and shown their campsites. Those that hadn’t completed their swim check before camp went to the lake. Then everyone had a wonderful dinner.

On Monday, July 4, the Scouts woke up to a delicious breakfast. Afterwards, they went to different parts of the camp to work on Merit badges they had previously signed up for. After a long hot day, the Scouts cooked up a wonderful dinner. Then if they wanted, the Scouts went to the “trading post” to buy food and merchandise.

Mark Wojak, Scribe, Troop 41
Scoutmaster Dave Seraphin