Letter: Open letter to Reps and Senators

By on July 23, 2009

Please, please, please do not vote for this health-care bill. Vote against it. Multiple times if necessary.

The American people are extremely tired of the taxes we already pay, and the stupid waste of our taxes. If our taxes were used for good and right purposes there would be plenty for all to have health care. There would be enough money for all programs that are good and just.

The American people are extremely tired of the giveaway programs to those who insist on not working, but feel it’s okay to collect money from those who do.

The American people are extremely tired of our taxes being used to give those who do nothing “free” cars. Research for smelly pigs. In fact, we are extremely tired of bailouts of any kind, pork of any kind, printing money when the country is already in much too much debt. The American people are extremely tired of those we vote for being more interested in the power and greed than in what is good for America and the American people.

We are extremely tired of the huge salaries and perks awarded to all of you, and those in the White House.

The American people are extremely tired of those who have life terms in their jobs. We want only two terms for each and all. Even that is too much for some in important positions.

Representatives and Senators—get back to basics. Tell us the truth. Do what you promise. Give us reasons to admire and respect you rather than wish we had not voted for you. Give yourselves the same reasons to admire and respect yourselves.

Americans, please copy this and send to your Reps and Senators if you do not have to compose your own letter. Do it now. This should have been done before the first bailout. Do it now. So something for this wonderful America. Do it now. Do it for yourselves.

Jacquelyn Dibble

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