3 thoughts on “Rockin’ out”

  1. Wow, I thought the library was for books and learning and research. I din’t know it was for Rock Band and Wii. What a joke and what a waste of my money. I can’t believe I pay for the librarians pension. Look it up taxpayers. You are paying their pension so they can host Wii night at the LIBRARY?!? Incredible and shame on you library.

  2. Hey, I think the wii night is great. Keep up the good work. I hope yoy get all of your pension; you deserve it.

  3. I was a kid living in Elburn when the Library was next to Gliddons, just this tiny, small, must place filled with old books and news papers. We dreaded going there. As a youth in elburn 20 years ago, and still today there is no where for the kids to go. We dont have the same advantages larger communities do, so I think its great the library is reaching out and hosting activities for children in Elburn. I would have loved a place like that when I was a kid. I say great work to the library for finding ways to bring people together.

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