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Letter: Connecting with dead not harmless

A local business called the Inner Harmony Massage Therapy & Bodywork is putting on a seminar event they’re calling “Spend A Day with Your Angels.” The advertisement said the seminar will teach people how to “connect to their own intuition” and “experience this incredible alignment through energy readings, connecting with the spirits of loved ones and by participating in classes focused on developing your psychic skills, Mediumship (sic), meditation, intuition training, and using other tools such as a pendulum.”

In an era of religious tolerance, it could be said that such activity is at worst silly but essentially harmless. And it might help someone who has nothing else.

But anything with power (think: chain saw) is never harmless, especially where children are involved. Connecting with spirits of the dead is often nothing more than connecting with the demonic. Even the medical community is beginning to acknowledge effects of dark spiritual powers.

To site one example, Gene Abel, M.D. and David Barlow, Ph.D. and Edward Blanchard’s medical article entitled, “Gender Identity Change in a Transsexual” published in Archives of Sexual Behavior, no. 5 (1977) tell about a patient who suffered from a psychological disorder that normally resists all treatment. After testing the patient thoroughly, they decided to encourage him to have the sex change operation he desired. Just before the operation, though, a friend of the patient asked him to see another doctor who suggested that his real problem might be possession by “evil spirits.” Abel and Barlow’s article go on to say that the man submitted to a deliverance session in which 22 evil spirits “purportedly left him.” After the session, the patient felt so affirmed in his masculine identity, he discarded his female clothing and canceled the operation. The doctors then followed the patient for another two-and-a-half years and were amazed to see a clear reversal of gender identity, something they had never seen before or heard about in psychological literature.

Their conclusion: “What cannot be denied however, is that a patient who was very clearly a transsexual by the most conservative criteria assumed a long-lasting masculine gender identity in a remarkably short period of time following an apparent exorcism.”

Whether we use the term, “ask an angel,” a harmless sounding phrase or use the more insider term, “seek your spirit guide,” to deal with spiritual forces apart from considering evil and good can have undesirable consequences. I believe in a larger world outside the five senses in which spiritual forces interact with creation. The people at Inner Harmony Massage also believe this but think that any spiritual energy is good. Doctors and psychiatrists are warming to prayer for healing but are also discovering that there’s an evil side as well.

Putting psychic phenomena at the Elburn Community Center, where children regularly congregate, is something townspeople might want to consider carefully. Even if some good can be shown, it only takes a small amount of arsenic in the coffee to kill. This stuff isn’t harmless.

Gary Augustine
Pastor, Evangelical Fellowship

Open letter to our state legislators, local elected officials and Illinois taxpayers

I have a series of questions for everyone reading this letter:
• What kind of state and community do you want to live in?
• Do you want to live in a community where there is no shelter for battered women and children?
• Do you want to live in a state which ranks dead last in community-based services for the mentally ill and developmentally disabled?
• Do you want to live in a community where waiting lists for counseling can run from several weeks to several months?
• Would you be proud to live in a state where 17,000 children and adults with developmental disabilities are waiting for services?
• Would you be proud to live in a state where thousands of persons with mental, developmental and physical disabilities live with parents over the age of 60, waiting for supportive housing?
• Are you willing to balance the state’s budget woes by denying services to Illinois’ most vulnerable citizens?

No one likes paying taxes, but unless some miracle happens, tax-generated revenues are the only way to address the needs of all the citizens of Illinois. If Illinois doesn’t face up to their obligations to care for these citizens, it will fall upon each of our individual communities to take care of our own. Unfortunately that care may be in the form of homeless shelters, jails and living on the streets for the abused, mentally ill and victims of substance abuse.

So what kind of state do you want to live in? Are you satisfied to live in a state that is “51st and failing” its residents? If not, you need to support enhancing revenues in order to provide these critically needed services and make our legislature responsible for caring for residents of Illinois who cannot care for themselves. Let’s not do it because we are forced to, but because it’s the right thing to do. Let’s do it so we can be proud to live in Illinois.

Jerry J. Murphy, Executive Director
Mental Health & Mental
Retardation Services, Inc.
Aurora, Ill.

Visit the new chamber website

The Sugar Grove Chamber of Commerce has a fresh new look. The newly designed website,, warmly welcomes visitors with a header that rotates through photos representing the Sugar Grove community. The Sugar Grove Chamber of Commerce has also defined itself with a new tagline: “Where Business and Community Meet.”

The Sugar Grove Chamber of Commerce’s goals and aspirations are to create a network of businesses that not only reach out to the community, but one that relies on each other and keeps in the spirit of Sugar Grove. The chamber offers a variety of programs, such as luncheons, LEADS groups, business seminars, after-hours events and much more, that allow members to network and grow. The website now allows visitors to view regularly updated events and news throughout the community, as well as educational resources for business people.

The chamber encourages patronizing their members first, and the online directory conveniently lists chamber members by industry and gives details such as website, contact name and phone numbers. Visit the newly updated site,, today and see how Sugar Grove Chamber of Commerce can benefit you.

Tina Cella
Marketing Chairperson
Sugar Grove Chamber of
Commerce & Industry

Letter: Thanks for supporting Elburn Baseball and Softball

The 2009 Elburn Baseball and Softball Fundraising Committee would like to thank the following people/businesses for their support:

Donations: 101.9 The Mix, Advanced Micro Lites, Amazing Grace Antiques, Arrowhead Landscape, BBK Sports, Bliss Creek Golf Course, Bob Jass Chevrolet, Bonk Family (Joe and Andrea), Carvel Ice Cream/Gust Family, Chicago Bulls, Chicago Cubs, Chicago Wolves, Classic Cinemas, Delnor Health and Wellness, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Elburn Car Wash, Elburn Express, Funway, Geneva Commons, Grizzly Jacks Resort, Hair Directors, Hollywood Casino, Hughes Creek, Jewel of Elburn, JVC/ Marshall Family, Kane County Cougars, Kari Kuefler, Kim DeKruyff, Leyden Electric, McDonalds of Elburn, Medieval Times, Meijer, Museum of Science and Industry, NB&T Bank, Nemec Family, Paisano’s Pizza, Papa G’s, Party Animals, Pheasant Run, Randall 15 IMAX (Goodrich), Richwrap, Rosati’s Pizza, Sam’s Club, Sandy’s Cakes and More, Shady Hill Gardens, Shanne Kuipers Salon, Shedd Aquarium, Silpada Jewelry/Cindy Weber, Sisters ‘n Stitches, Solheim Cup 2009, Sport Speed Strength Conditioning, St. Charles Bowl, St. Charles Paddle Wheel Riverboats, Subway of Elburn, Such Family, Sybaris, Sycamore Family Sports Center, Sycamore Speedway, Tanna Farms Golf Club, Thomas Family (Jim and Cathy), Trader Joe’s, Uppercase Living/Natalie Dobbins, Vital Chiropractic, and the Walter & Connie Payton Foundation

Lane Sponsors: Alice’s Place, Country Automotive, Dr. Harry Krauspe DDS, ECCC, Edward Jones/Dan Kuczero, Elburn Dental, Kane County Landscape & Supply, Leyden Electric, McDonalds, Midtown Martial Arts, Midtown Martial Arts, Midwest Window & Supply, Old Second Bank, Party Animals, R F Houtz & Son, Schmidt family (Donna and Ed), Sisters ‘n Stitches, Sycamore Family Sports Center, and West Marketing.

Special “ Thank You”: American Ice Company, Kari Kuefler, Paisano’s Pizza, St. Charles Bowl.
Thank you all for coming out and supporting the 2009 Elburn Baseball and Softball’s fundraising event.

Sue Jones, Dawn Kuefler, Lisa Leyden,
Jeannine McDonald, Bernadette Such,
Cathy Thomas, Laura Treadway, Beth Woods
Fundraising Committee

Letter: Kudos to Barsanti in Barry case

Bravo to Kane County State’s Attorney John Barsanti for his valiant efforts to pursue justice in the shamefully sad and tragically premature death of 84-year-old Mary Barry, who died while utterly dependent upon her two middle-aged daughters for care.

This case must demand justice for Mary Barry’s sake, while setting clear ethical and legal responsibilities for caregivers—particularly those who benefit from their charge’s finances and resources.

From personal experience, I know first-hand the tremendous responsibility and precious experience of caring for a parent who can no longer care for themselves because of severe health issues. Without any assistance from siblings, the benefit of free housing or use of a parent’s financial resources that Mary Barry’s two daughters had, I managed to single-handedly care for my mother after she had a series of debilitating strokes. It may not have been the vocation I would have chosen, but circumstances dictated I take on the beautiful mission of caring for an aging parent, severely disabled because of health problems.

Despite the fact I needed to work two part-time jobs to support my mother and myself so I would still be able to meet her personal and physical needs, my mother never had a single bed sore. She was given the dignity all souls deserve. There were many difficult days, but never did my mother suffer physically or emotionally because of the extensive effort required to care for her.

As a former caregiver, it is inconceivable that both of Mary Barry’s daughters repeatedly failed to notice bed sores so extensive as to have spread to the bone. Caring for a disabled person necessitates constant vigilance in the normal course of daily hygiene and personal care. Just as in caring for a defenseless infant, caregivers of the disabled cannot help but observe physical and emotional changes during bathing, clothing, changing sheets, and feeding regimens. Indeed, it is a tremendous responsibility, which should either be a labor of love or, as a last resort, one delegated to qualified professionals.

For Mary Barry’s last days to be tormented as she lay saturated in feces and urine on a bed infested with ants, her daughters had to have been far worse than merely negligent. With more options than ever for outside assistance, in-home care for the elderly or nursing facilities, there are no excuses for the abysmal care Jill and Julie Barry provided their mother while living in her home and using her financial resources as they waited to collect an inheritance.

For the sake of Mary Barry and to enlighten people of the sacred responsibility they have to their parents as they age, I sincerely hope Barsanti is successful in prosecuting Jill and Julie Barry to the fullest extent possible under the law.

It’s time people realized “family values” don’t only apply to our children’s care and well-being.

Geraldine Zaha
St. Charles

Letter: Thank you for supporting autism awareness fundraiser

I would like to thank all of our wonderful customers who helped raise money for the Autism Society of Illinois.

In honor of Autism Awareness Month, Fruitful Yield Health Food Store collected donations throughout the month of April. The generous donations received by our customers raised $4,245.

It is so nice to be part of such a giving community. Even through these very difficult economic times, people are willing to help others. The money raised for the Autism Society will help families in Illinois living with the daily challenges of autism. I can’t say thank you enough.
Together we have helped so many families.

Tammy Mish
Fruitful Yield Health Food

Letter: Visit the SG farmer’s market June 6

Veggies, fruits and eggs harvested within a day or two of a farmers market are fresh, crisp and loaded with flavor and nutrients. Today more than ever, it is so important to understand where and how your produce, eggs and meat have been grown.

Fruits and vegetables shipped to us from other states, and today mostly from other countries, must have tough skins that survive packing and shipping and also require the ability to have a reasonable shelf life. Only a handful of hybrid plant varieties have these characteristics, so there is little genetic diversity in commercially grown plants compared to the large number of varieties our local farms still grow so as to provide us all with an array of great tasting crops all season long.

Heirloom plants used by our farmers may even someday provide the genes needed to create crops which will thrive in changing climates. Locally grown food preserves genetic diversity, and if you are opposed to eating genetically modified fruits and veggies, you can rest assured that our farm produce was bred the old fashioned way, as nature intended—GMO-free.

Buying from our local farmers preserves our open space, keeps our taxes in check and community farms support a clean environment, which benefits not only us, but all area wildlife. As you build a relationship with the farmers you deal with at the market, you establish friendships based on understanding and trust.

Farmers are a vanishing breed. When you make a conscious decision to support your local farmers market or local farm stand, you help ensure that future generations will have access to the nourishing and abundant crops, which our Illinois farmers work so hard to bring to our communities.

Please join us at the opening of the sixth Sugar Grove Chamber of Commerce Farmers Market, which we will share with the village of Sugar Grove and their Community Open House on Saturday, June 6, (rain or shine) from 8 a.m. until noon at the Sugar Grove Village Hall, located at Route 30 and Municipal Drive in Sugar Grove.

Mari Johnson
Don and Terry Meisinger
Tina and Andy Cella
Karen Cinto
Sheri Baum
Beverly Holmes Hughes
Jeff Steenwyk
Pat and Dan Graceffa
Pat Graceffa
Sugar Grove farmer’s market volunteers

Letter: Time for change

As our community continues to live with the growing pains of a rural area going urban at the speed of light, one can’t help but wonder how we can develop our students with our present means.

Our superintendent provides our School Board with tough decisions on items such as expansion projects, curriculum and staffing, to name a few. Everyone seems to be tightening their belts, with the exception of the teacher’s union.

Back in the 1920s, unions were created to protect/fight for laborers from poor working conditions, a fair wage, benefits and the like. Fast-forward to the 21st century, and the teachers union is still concerned with a fair wage, working conditions and also pensions, tenure and the next contract.

Has the executive board of the teachers union come forward and offered to defer their salary increases? Did the teachers union fight for their teachers that have paid their dues and still were let go? Or has the teachers union been steadfast to maintain tenure and pensions? If we want to maintain the highest quality of teachers, allow them to work at their highest potential and pay them accordingly.

Installing a merit system of pay will attract teachers who are excited about their job of teaching our kids. In turn, our kids will learn, they will be motivated to excel and they will be challenged by teachers who love what they do. The teachers win too. The top performers will earn top pay, and the ones who don’t, won’t.

As our schools prepare for the upcoming school year with overcrowded classrooms, worn classroom materials and some teachers going through the motions, teachers need to ask themselves if they are doing it for the kids or doing it for their retirement. If it is for the retirement, get rid of your union and do your job for our kids.

Jack Augusty, Elburn

Letter: Reforms need to be passed

With only two weeks to go, still no action in the Illinois Legislature on the 34 needed reforms to state government proposed by the bipartisan Illinois Reform Commission. The delay has the appearance of the fate of past reforms: “Wait it out” until the Legislature recesses for the year, thus killing them.

Whether you are Republicans or Democrats, these needed reforms to clean up Illinois government will have a beneficial effect on your lives and your pocketbooks.

Time is getting short. To learn more, visit the Reform Commission’s website, Then call or e-mail state representatives Tim Schmitz and Kay Hatcher—Schmitz at (630) 845-9590, email; Hatcher at Tell them you want them to vote yes on the reform package.

Also, tell them you want them to vote yes on Senate Bill 600, to return to GOP voters the right to vote for Republican State Central Committeemen, a right already enjoyed by Democrat voters. The current Republican system to select Central Committeemen has allowed a group of rascals to control the Illinois GOP for over 20 years, and must be changed. Good government must begin at the party level.

Dennis C. Ryan
Western Kane County
Republican Organization
Supporters of SB 600

Letter: We need funds for Corn Boil fireworks

The Sugar Grove Lions Club has been busy placing donation cans in local Sugar Grove businesses and municipal buildings in hopes of raising funds for the best darn fire works display for this year’s Sugar Grove Corn Boil.

Fireworks will be displayed on Saturday, July 25.

Fireworks donations by individuals or businesses are most appreciated and needed and can be mailed in at any time for the 2009 firework display to: The Sugar Grove Corn Boil, P O Box 225, Sugar Grove, IL 60554. Checks can be made payable to: Sugar Grove Lions.

If your business would like to become a Corn Boil sponsor, or if you or your group would like to volunteer for the actual event, call (630) 466-5166 and a volunteer will get back to you. The complete schedule for the July 24-26 event can be found at

Pat Graceffa
Sugar Grove

Letter: Parents show appreciation for Kaneland teachers

Each year, the Parent Teacher Network Hospitality Committee coordinates two events for the teachers at Kaneland John Stewart: a dinner during parent/teacher conferences in the fall and a luncheon during Teacher Appreciation Week.

Parents at Kaneland John Stewart have always been generous of not only their time donated to the school, but the support given to the various PTN committees. This year was no exception. The Hospitality Committee would like to thank the 86 families who either donated salads, side dishes and desserts, supplies or cash donation for the teacher luncheon held on Thursday, May 7th.

The cash donations were used to purchase chicken breasts, hot dogs, hamburgers and brats from Ream’s Elburn Market. We would also like to thank Joe Blaszynski, who spent the day outside grilling for the teachers, and to Shanne Kuipers, Becky Stewart, Kathy Burgin, Sarah Burke, Cindy Krause, Chris Sikon, Karin Marshall and Heather Sade, for helping with the set up and/or clean up of the event.

Our Kaneland community is extremely fortunate to have parents such as these who continue to show their support and appreciation to the teachers at Kaneland John Stewart. We, as parents, are lucky to have such dedicated teachers for our children.

Denise Blaszynski
Lori Crimmins
Kaneland John Stewart
PTN Hospitality Committee

Letter: Poppy Days a huge success for the veterans

The members of the Daniel Simpson American Legion Auxiliary No. 630, Elburn, wish to thank the community for their generosity toward our Poppy Days on May 15 and 16.

Your show of support for this important program is greatly appreciated. I would also like to thank the many Legion and Auxiliary volunteers that put in hours on the streets. Legionnaires—Commander Wiley Overley, Al Anderson, Jerry Lonigro, Joe Cerveny and Lloyd DaMask. Auxiliary members—President Kay Swift, Marleah Anderson, Mary Coffey, Pennie Griesmann and Carrie Petrie. Junior Auxiliary member—Abby Bartel.

Many thanks go out to the area businesses that allowed us to be inside or outside of their buildings: Mobil Gas, Elburn Kountry Kettle, Papa G’s, Ream’s Meat Market, Elburn Post Office and Jewel/Osco. Thank you for all courtesies extended to our volunteers.

All the proceeds of Poppy Days go toward Veterans and their families. Elburn Auxiliary donated over $3,000 to veterans programs this past year. The Elburn unit hopes to continue to help with the needs of our Veterans who have and are currently giving so much for our country. I hope everyone will enjoy their Memorial Day and take some time to reflect on the reason for the holiday: Remembering our veterans.

Cara Bartel
Poppy Chairman
Daniel Simpson Unit #630

Coach relieved of duties—Investigation pending

by Lynn Meredith
With less than two weeks to the playoffs, Dennis Hansen, coach of the Kaneland High School girls’ softball team, was relieved Tuesday of his teaching and coaching duties for the remainder of the year.

The administration declined to state a reason for the action, pending the outcome of an investigation, but said that it stemmed from a complaint.

“It was brought to our attention by a parent, student—a family complaint,” Superintendent Charlie McCormick said.

The district office had been talking with the high school administration during the middle and end of last week about the complaint.

The School Board gives the administration the authority to handle these type of decisions.

“It was an administrative call,” School Board member Cheryl Krauspe said. “Any (formal) action will be taken during open session (board meeting).”

Krauspe said she did not know all the details and could not comment.

The athletic department will look to the coaching staff to cover the rest of the season.

“We’re making changes in the coaching assignments to ensure we have proper coaching,” McCormick said.

Hansen has coached girls’ softball for 12 seasons with a 224-128 record. He also coaches boys’ basketball, and teaches drivers’ education and physical education classes. McCormick said that an appropriate substitute teacher will take over those classes.

Letter: Fireworks, celebrations and community character

On July 5, Elburn will share in what has become a delightful summer tradition at Lions Park: The Day in the Park Fireworks Event. That day, along with the Elburn Days Parade, draws all Elburn together in community like little else. It is one of those celebrations that reminds me I’m proud to live in Elburn. But community isn’t about events; it’s about people sharing responsibility together to provide for the things that make life worth living: good schools, safe streets, family and cultural heritage. Those attitudes need to be encouraged to maintain a deep sense of community.

In 1920, while prohibition was on, a railroad car was left in Elburn on the tracks for repair. It was carrying 750 gallons of port wine authorized by the government for medical purposes in Pennsylvania. Some townspeople who knew about it tapped into the wine and brought some home. Word got around about the treasure and before long, Elburnites were lining up with buckets, pails, jugs and bottles to stock up. It wasn’t a high point in Elburn community participation, but at least they did it together! This dark moment stained an otherwise stellar reputation.

The Day in the Park Fireworks Display has been provided for by Elburn Chamber of Commerce and local businesses that support it. They have been glad to do it. But in the present economic climate, these businesses have had to cut back drastically on their donations. Instead of thousands of dollars, this year they can only donate hundreds. They need your help. If each home in Elburn would shoulder just five dollars of the responsibility, one of the most delightful days in the summer will be able to continue. Most of us spend more than that on a single trip to Starbucks.

There are two ways you can help. First, around town in the stores and businesses are containers marked for donations to help fund the fireworks. Look for one and drop $5 in it. Second, on Thursday, May 28, there will be a Pork Chop Dinner provided at Elburn Lions Park. You get two pork chops, baked beans, cole slaw, roll and butter, and apple sauce for $13 each or two for $25, and you can pick up the dinner between 4 to 6 p.m. Tickets are on sale now at Elburn businesses or you can call the Elburn Chamber of Commerce at (630) 365-2295 to buy one. Make your reservation by Monday, May 18. Not only will you get a great dinner, you will support your community.

Character is defined by what one does when no one is looking. In 1920, townspeople may have figured the company who owned the wine could afford the loss and it wasn’t their responsibility anyway. Some of us may feel that events like the Day in the Park aren’t our responsibility either. Both thoughts lead away from strong community and strong character. Buy a ticket for dinner and look for a container for fireworks donations and drop in $5 to contribute. It will add to your personal character and make you feel good about your community, especially if no one is looking.

Gary Augustine

Letter: FOP No. 14 wants to help make sure calls are legit

The Fraternal Order of Police Lodge No. 14 is a fraternal, nonprofit, charitable organization that is made up of members of the Kane County Sheriff’s Department.

We have been in existence and chartered with the state of Illinois since 1966. Lodge No. 14 solicits by phone calls year round. Our callers request donations to support our lodge’s charities and programs. The calls are made by personnel we hire, and not by a police or corrections officer.

Our primary program each year, and over the last 20 years, has been the “Shop-with-a-Cop” Program. Each year, officers have taken needy families shopping at Christmas time. We also have other groups and organizations that we have helped support, or continue to support, through your donations. Some of these are, but not limited to, American Red Cross Salvation Army, Hesed House, Lazarus House, local youth sports teams, Boy Scouts of America, Child ID, car seat programs, elder abuse prevention, elderly Easter food baskets, FOP Easter egg hunts, Easter Seals, Thanksgiving ham and turkey giveaway and the Association of Individual Development.

Should you receive a telephone solicitation that seems unusual or that you have questions about, you may call our lodge at (630) 466-0671. If our staff is not there, please leave us a message and you will receive a return call. You may contact the Sheriff’s Department at (630) 232-6840 and ask to speak with an FOP lodge officer. Check your caller ID if available and the name of the person who called you as that will help us determine if the call was from us or someone else. Always ask if all monies go to Lodge No. 14. If not, it may be a fraudulent call.

We want you to call if there are any questions, as we depend on you for our ability to help the community, through your donations.

Tom Bumgarner
FOP No. 14

Letter: With apologies, and thanks, to the Kaneland School Board

In the recent past, I wrote a letter to the editor about a cash flow problem at Kaneland School District 302. I wanted to save teachers jobs, so I advocated the teachers defer their pay increases and the School Board defer payment of principal on a bond, paying only the interest until such time as the cash flow problem improved.

Subsequently, I learned that the bond (officially known as “Certificate of Participation Agreement”) was issued under the condition that repayment would be made from impact fees because the money received from the bonding company could only be used for capital improvements (the capital improvements at the time were for additions to the John Stewart and Blackberry Creek schools). Further, there would be an additional interest payment of $346,611 and the indebtedness would not be finalized until 2016, an addition of two years.

I apologize if I created the impression our School Board was not acting in the best interest or preserving teacher’s jobs. They were between a rock and a hard place and their options were extremely limited. They acted in a proper manner to use taxpayer’s money judiciously. Thank you Kaneland District 302 School Board.

H. Jack Hansen

Letter: Open letter to KYSO players, coaches and parents

Due to the current epidemic of swine flu crossing America and as close as Aurora and Batavia, KYSO has taken a, hopefully, preventive measure in the passing of swine flu.

Effective immediately, all teams at the end of your games are not to shake hands with opponents or the referees. Instead, tell your teams to give a nod of the head and say nice game. All referees will be notified of this change as well as you, the coaches.

For Travel Coaches playing in the IWSL league, I would ask that you notify the opposing coaches and referees of KYSO’s and Crusader Soccer Club’s new policy prior to the game until this tragic epidemic is over or is contained. Although we do not know all the ways the flu can be contracted, we are trying to take steps to prevent the passing of this dangerous flu to our young players. Please notify your players and parents of this change at your next practice or game.

Symptoms include fever of more than 100 degrees, body aches, couching, sore throat, respiratory congestion and in some cases, vomiting and diarrhea. Seek emergency care for children if they exhibit fast breathing or have trouble breathing; bluish skin; not drinking enough fluids; not waking up or interacting; flu symptoms that improve but return with a fever and worse cough and rash.

In adults, warning signs include difficulty breathing; pain or pressure in the chest or abdomen; sudden dizziness; confusion and severe or persistent vomiting.

No vaccine specifically protects against the swine flu. The human flu shot given every winter will not help.

If you should have any concerns or comments you may reply to me or any other KYSO board member. All board member numbers and E-mail can be found at under the contact section.

Keith Koester
Director, Risk Management
Kaneland Youth Soccer Organization

Letter: Thanks to Conley

Heartfelt thanks to all who participated in the recent Conley Farm work day. We were overwhelmed by the number of friends, neighbors and colleagues that converged that morning, despite the overcast skies and drizzle.

The amount of work done in a relatively short amount of time to prepare the shed, gardens and grounds for our summer Conley Outreach programs was truly amazing. A special thanks to Paisano’s for donating lunch for the volunteers and to Midwest Ground Cover and Schollmeyer Landscaping for donating the equipment and materials used in the creek bed project.

On behalf of Bruce, Kris and the entire Conley family, thank you for your ongoing support. The outpouring of love manifested through your physical labor and words of encouragement has touched us all more than you will ever know.

Carol Alfrey
Conley Outreach Community Services

Letter: Better decisions are needed

As we watch our tax money build new schools and additions to our current buildings, I have to question the decisions of our Kaneland School District.

The plan, as of today, is to close the old middle school for an undetermined amount of time and bus all the middle schoolers to the new middle school.

Why in the world are we building a two-story library at the old middle school when it will be closed next year? There could be another referendum put forth to the citizens to divert the allocated money build something else.

One idea could be an indoor field house. There is land by the high school that is unused. A field house could allow the high school and old middle school, when it reopens, a place to practice winter and spring sports. Also, the school could option a lease or sell the field house to a future park district. It is one of many options.

However, continuing to build additions on a building that will not be used is a waste of our tax money.

Jack Augusty

Letter: Auxiliary spaghetti supper a success

The Elburn American Legion Auxiliary No. 630 would like to thank everyone that made the April 16 spaghetti supper a huge success. We appreciate the community that came out to support our fundraiser. Many thanks go out to the members who worked and/or donated desserts.

We also thank the Elburn American Legion members that helped us, as well. Thanks to member Ann Lambert, who made an afghan which was raffled and won by Kris Conley. We also had an Easter basket raffle earlier in the month that was put together and donated by Elburn Chiropractic, Dr. Ken Baumruck and Pam Schneider, which was won by Gina Dunham.

We appreciate the community and our loyal members for their participation in our money-making events. Without your help, we could not make our donations to the important programs that help so many. We hope to see everyone again at the October supper.

Cara Bartel, Treasurer
Elburn American Legion
Auxiliary No. 630

Letter: Elburn Baseball and Softball thanks National Bank and Trust

Elburn Baseball and Softball would like to publicly extend our deepest thanks and gratitude to the National Bank and Trust of Elburn.

On Sunday, April 19, the National Bank and Trust organized and underwrote a very successful teaching clinic held at Waubonsee Community College in Sugar Grove.

The three-hour clinic was instructed by WCC head baseball coach Dave Randall, with many of his players on hand to assist. Although the day was rainy, the weather didn’t dampen the spirit and enthusiasm of all involved.

Just like the personalized greeting and friendly handshake when entering and leaving the bank, our friends from the National Bank and Trust were on hand to ensure the clinic and every last detail was handled from start to finish.

We would like to personally thank CeCe Rocha, Ryan Gifford, Josh Orth, Ben Roberts, Pat Emerson, Mercedes Rocha, Tamara Newquist, and a special “thank you” to Tami Armstrong for planning this outstanding event.

Elburn Baseball and Softball is a not-for-profit organization made up entirely of community and family volunteers. Without the assistance of our great sponsors, the season could not be possible. Thanks again to the National Bank & Trust.

Jeff McDonald
EBS President

Letter: Elburn community center receives emergency grant

The Elburn and Countryside Community Center is the recipient of an emergency grant of $10,000 from the Community Foundation of the Fox River Valley, located in Aurora.

The funding will be used toward the installation of a storm water drainage system for our parking lot. This winter, the Community Center experienced severe icing of the parking lot. This became a significant safety issue for the more than 48,000 individuals who use our facilities.

The installation of a storm water drainage system will help to prevent future icy conditions and will alleviate flooding during the spring and summer months. We are extremely grateful to the Community Foundation for their leadership in responding to our request in such a timely and gracious manner. Their website provides extensive information regarding the services they provide to local communities,

Jack Hansen
Vice-President , Elburn and Countryside
Community Center

Letter: 2009 Corn Boil seeks volunteers, donations

The 2009 Sugar Grove Corn Boil hometown celebration is off to a wonderful start.

We have great new bands lined up, an exciting new carnival coming to town, free activities for kids and adults and the best darn fireworks display in the area, thanks to the Sugar Grove Lions Club.

The Corn Boil Committee is working hard to keep our tradition of family fun and entertainment at family affordable prices.

We need volunteers every year, and this year is no exception. So if you were waiting for an invitation to join in and volunteer in whatever way you can in your hometown event, here it is. Call the Corn Boil hotline at (630) 466-5166 and leave your name and number, and a volunteer will call you back.

Local business people have been extremely generous to the Sugar Grove Corn Boil, but even they have limits. So if you can’t volunteer to work for a few hours, maybe you would like to make a contribution to the fireworks. Local businesspeople and residents who have enjoyed past firework displays or who plan to come this year are invited to make any size donation they can afford. Donations can be sent to The Sugar Grove Corn Boil, P O Box 225, Sugar Grove, IL 60554. Checks should be made out to The Sugar Grove Lions Club.

A surprise to most people is that the not-for-profit Corn Boil Committee donates everything, except seed money for the next year’s event, back to local groups and organizations right here in Sugar Grove.

Sponsorship will be needed more than ever this year. Please visit our website often, as it is ever changing. It can be found at So save the dates July 25, 26 and 27, and join us for an inexpensive family mini vacation without leaving town.

Kevin M. Geary
Sugar Grove

Letter: Thanks for support

I would like to thank all the people that supported me. It was disappointing not to be re-elected. However, I am honored and proud to have served the village of Elburn for eight years as their trustee.

I also want to congratulate Dave Anderson, Ken Anderson Jr., Jerry Schmidt and Jeff Walter for their election to the Village Board.

Tom Burgholzer

Letter: Thank you, Elburn!

I want to thank the voters of Elburn for getting out to vote on Tuesday, April 7, and especially for entrusting the care of the village to myself and the other newly elected board members.

Electing three new members to the board sends a strong message, and please rest assured that your message has been received. I am looking forward to working with the new board president and all of the other trustees to build on the great things that have been done and to further the vision of making Elburn into the community that everyone who lives here brags about.

I also want to thank my wife, Carrie, and my family, without whose support and encouragement I would not be in the great place that I am today. Thank you to all of our friends and neighbors who supported me by putting out signs, by talking to their friends and neighbors and by voting.

Again, thank you for this incredible opportunity to serve you, the village of Elburn.

Jeff Walter

Letter: Violence is avoidable

The recent rash of horrible homicides and homicide/suicide incidents nationally has made all of us aware of just how important mental health and the services supporting mental health are in these chaotic times.

Many recent incidences of fatal violence appear to be the result of the stress, strain and ultimate despair for the individual involved. The bad news is that the times may not get better real soon. The good news is that violence, as a result of depression and despair, can be avoided.

In south Kane County, we are blessed to have not one, but two resources for those mentally in crisis. The first would be the Fox Valley Crisis Line, (630) 482-9393, operated by the Association for Individual Development. The second is the Suicide Hotline (1-800-SUICIDE or (630) 482-9696) provided through Suicide Prevention Services. These crisis services are supported by Mental Health and Mental Retardation Services, Inc. and the townships of Aurora, Batavia, Big Rock, Blackberry, Kaneville, Sugar Grove and Virgil with your local tax dollars.

If you or a family member are considering harming yourself or someone else, please call one of these numbers and get the professional support or help you need in order to prevent a serious tragedy. Violence due to anxiety and depression is preventable with the right help. Please ask for help to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Jerry J. Murphy
Executive Director
Mental Health and Mental Retardation Services, Inc.
Local Mental Health Board for south Kane County

Letter: Thank you for your encouragement, vote

Now that the election results are in, and the campaign signs are put away, I would like to take the time to say thank you to those who encouraged me to run for the position of Sugar Grove trustee, assisted with my campaign, opened their doors to discuss issues with me and took the time out of their day to vote for me.

During the past month, I have knocked on approximately 1,200 doors to talk to Sugar Grove residents about the many issues that concern them and can honestly say that the people of Sugar Grove were eager to welcome me into their homes, discuss issues affecting their respective neighborhoods and share their visions for the future of the village.

This was a humbling experience for me and reinforced the reason why I moved to Sugar Grove 15 years ago. I would also like to congratulate the other candidates that were re-elected and commend all candidates for running such clean campaigns and sticking to the issues. I look forward to the challenges I will face during the next four years and hope to play a significant part in making Sugar Grove an even better place to live than it already is.

Rick Montalto
Sugar Grove

Letter: Thank you for your vote of confidence

I would like to thank the voters for their vote of confidence on April 7, when I was re-elected village president. I am excited about the future of Sugar Grove and look forward to serving as village president for the next four years.

I would also like to thank my wife, Valerie, and kids, as well as my friends, old and new, for their hard work on my behalf to get me re-elected.

A local election is no longer a one-person project. The work to get information out door-to-door, make phone calls, place yard signs and so on, is a lot of work for a village the size of Sugar Grove. As the saying goes, many hands make light work.

Just because the election is over doesn’t mean that I am not listening or willing to answer questions. I am always available to talk about what is going on around town. Please feel free to contact me through the village’s website, attend a board meeting or join me at a Coffee with the Mayor event to ask your questions. I enjoy talking about the future of the village.

Again, I sincerely appreciate the trust that you have bestowed in me, and I look forward to serving the next four years.

P. Sean Michels
Village President
Sugar Grove

Letter: Thank you for supporting our pancake breakfast

The Maple Park and Countryside Fire Protection District members would like to say thank you to all of the businesses that sponsored our pancake breakfast and to everyone that attended.

It is greatly appreciated to see the wonderful support that we receive from our community. The proceeds from the breakfast will be used to help us purchase Advanced Life Support equipment to be used on our ambulance starting in November of this year.

With your support we will continue to work towards providing our community with the best service and care possible. Again, thank you for making our breakfast a great success.

Kevin Peterson
Fire Chief
Maple Park and Countryside
Fire Protection District

Letter: Thank you to local voters

The voters have spoken and I am thankful for all of you who cast your ballot for me. You may rest assured that I shall continue to strive to do what is best for Elburn. To my family, words alone can’t express the love and support I have received from all of you: Janet, Michael, Joel and Chris, Ryan and Kim. I have been blessed. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

David Anderson

Letter: Tollway system is embarrassment

I don’t know if I should admire or feel sorry for Reps. Chapin Rose (R-Mahomet) and David Reis (R-Willow Hill) when they say that they are co-sponsoring legislation that would require the toll authority to send violation notices out within 30 days.

Just the fact that they have to introduce this kind of legislation shows what citizens of our state have known for some time: Our legislators in Springfield have lost all control of the very agency that their colleagues put in place during the 1950s. To support my accusation, just a few weeks ago officers at the toll authority told Gov. Pat Quinn that they didn’t need his or anyone else’s approval to hire a director for their Downers Grove Taj Mahal office.

Like many of our state legislators, Reps Rose and Reis don’t see the real problem at the toll authority. It’s not just sending violation notices, but all the corruption we hear about several times throughout the year.

Within the last two years, we saw the moving of tens of millions of dollars from tollbooth collections to the state treasury, the doubling of the toll/tax for those not buying an I-Pass, the monstrous fines for drivers not watching the expiration date on their credit card and the awarding of top management with 54 to 90 percent salary increases.

If Rep’s Rose and Reis really want to do some good, they should go after this violation legislation, get together with Gov. Quinn and convince him to support legislation that would get rid of the toll/tax from our highways once and for all. The tollway system has been an embarrassment long enough for citizens of Illinois. Starting to work on no-toll legislation now will insure that we will be ready when the economy comes around in a few years.

If citizens feel the way that I do, they should visit the website

Russell Johnson
Sugar Grove