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Letter: District 302 announces new social media implementation

In addition to our existing communication tools, Kaneland School District 302 is pleased to announce new social media to enhance communication between home and school. We are excited to introduce the following social media to keep you informed about everything happening in Kaneland schools. Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr to stay up-to-date on the latest news within the Kaneland school community. Each of the social media strategies will support the district-wide goal to increase communications between home and school.

Kaneland School District will use Facebook to share school achievement information, event announcements, deadline reminders and links to external media coverage with parents and community members. Twitter will enable Kaneland School District 302 to quickly share important information about its schools and provide quick links to school news posted on the web.

As winter months approach, the district will use Facebook and Twitter, in conjunction with the emergency calling system, to announce school closings and bus information. The new district blog on Tumblr will allow parents, students and community members to see all the ways Kaneland Schools excel: classroom projects, special events, and student and staff successes. The blog will consistently contain articles featuring students and teachers.

The above communications will support existing tools such as the KCNewsletter and Konnect Mobile Application and disseminate important school information across several platforms. Visit the new Kaneland School District 302 website at to quickly access social media and become an online supporter of Kaneland schools.

Dr. Jeff Schuler
Superintendent of Schools, District 302

Letter: A thank you to Sugar Grove

I would like to thank the ladies who individually submitted four nominations for me for Citizen of the Year of Sugar Grove: Diane Dempsay, Joan Perrin, Helen Jorgenson and Karen McCannon.

I would like to thank the committee that decided that I should get the award.

I would like to thank all those people who gave me their heartfelt congratulations.

After 45 years of residing in Sugar Grove, I never thought of myself as Citizen of the Year. It was a very pleasant surprise for my family and me.

I would like to thank Cheryl Borrowdale of the Elburn Herald for her great article on my award.

Joe Didier
Sugar Grove

Letter: Sugar Grove blood drive

Your blood donations are urgently needed. Please strongly consider donating blood on Monday, Sept. 9, at the Sugar Grove Fire Department, 25 Municipal Drive, from 3 to 7 p.m. The shortage of every given blood type can change.

The Sugar Grove Firefighters Auxiliary, along with the Sugar Grove Fire Department, will host the blood drive.

We welcome walk-ins, but encourage appointments. Call Joy at (630) 466-7190 or Kathy at (630) 466-4634 for further information or to make your appointment.

We deeply appreciate your urgently needed blood donation. Thank you for donating the “Gift of Life.”

Joy Rubo
Blood drive coordinator
Sugar Grove Firefighters Auxiliary

Letter: New 70 mph speed limit should apply to Metro Chicago

The recently signed 70 mph speed-limit bill begins to undo the damage done by the national 55 mph limit established in 1973. Illinois had a 70 mph speed limit 40 years ago and it was not just for rural interstates. Most state highways, even two-lane highways, had limits higher than the 55 mph still in place on metro Chicago’s interstates.

After reading the recent Illinois speed-limit bill and discussing it with sponsor Jim Oberweis, it is clear to me that the bill was intended to cover, and should apply to, metro Chicago for the same reasons that it makes sense downstate. The speed limit for all metro Chicago interstates will revert to 70 mph unless IDOT produces an engineering study proving the new limit unsafe. County boards may also be able to block the new limit.

If IDOT abides by the traffic engineering principles espoused by other transportation and police departments across the country and around the world, it is nearly certain that the findings would dictate a speed limit of 70 mph (or higher) for metro Chicago expressways, with the possible exception of those inside the city limits.

IDOT and the county boards should stand aside and allow metro Chicago limits to revert to 70 mph. All the evidence indicates that there would be no negative impact on safety. In fact, the opposite is true. Overall metro Chicago highway safety would be improved. Here’s why:

• Nearly 90 percent of fatalities occur on secondary roads. Only 11 percent of fatalities occur on Illinois interstates, including metro Chicago. So, those big fatality counting signs over the tollways are telling us about the risk after we exit.
• Higher speed limits on interstates help draw traffic away from secondary highways which are more dangerous, thus increasing overall road safety. This is always a key point, but even more so in metro Chicago, since roads like Interstate 355 and Interstate 294 charge tolls. There is already a big incentive to take the more dangerous secondary highways, such as old 53 and Route 59, for example.
• For decades, traffic engineers have promoted establishment of speed limits based on 85th percentile speeds—the maximum speed at which 85 percent of motorists travel when unencumbered by traffic or enforcement. Well informed state police and transportation departments around the world advocate this approach. The position taken by IDOT is inconsistent with its peers.
• Speed limits have very little impact on the pace of faster traffic—most drivers, including the police, ignore under (and over) posted limits.
• When limits are under-posted there is one group of drivers who travel at careful and prudent speeds and another group which tries to adhere more closely to the law. Higher interstate speed limits improve safety by reducing speed variance, road rage and weaving.
• Under-posted speed limits breed disrespect for all laws, especially traffic laws. This leads to speeding in construction zones and on secondary roads and other bad behavior. When IDOT has no credibility on speed limits it reduces their credibility on warnings about texting, cell phone usage, etc.
• Under-posted speed limits leave drivers bored, unengaged and distracted. Since driving does not demand their full attention, drivers talk on the phone and even text while driving … because they can. Texting is probably not an issue on the autobahn.
• Even with increased speed limit, Illinois interstates and other highways are still posted at or below the limits which were in place in 1973 (pre-55). Since then, the handling capability and safety equipment on vehicles has improved dramatically such that limits of 80+ should be the norm for rural interstates as in many other parts of the industrialized world. An increase to 70 should not be cause for any concern.
• Insurers and others who profit from speeding tickets tend to cite studies which count the raw number of fatalities rather than looking at the rate per mile driven. The actual fatality rate has fallen steadily for decades during times of both rising and falling speed-limits.
• Higher limits reduce congestion and may actually save fuel by allowing drivers to keep a steadier pace.

One final point makes this a rather urgent matter for Chicago area drivers. Beginning Jan. 1, 2014, unlucky drivers who “go with the flow” of average traffic speeds could end up paying a $1,500 fine and go to prison for 6 months. If nothing changes, that will be the penalty for going 81 mph in metro Chicago (26 over the 55 limit).

This Class B Misdemeanor penalty would be OK if the speed limit was 70 mph. In that case, 96 mph could lead to jail time. With heavy-handed penalties like this, it is absolutely critical that Chicago area interstate speed limits be set properly. We all know the 55 limit is a bad joke, and the notion of going to jail for 81 is asinine. It’s time we put an end to it.

Steve Doner
Former Illinois Chapter coordinator
National Motorists Association

Letter: Donations make a difference for Boy Scout Troop 7

On behalf of Boy Scout Troop 7, we’d like to send a huge thank you to our local businesses, organizations and community members for helping to make our pancake breakfast during Elburn Days a success. Whether it was through a monetary donation, an in-kind donation, or you came and ate pancakes to support us, you helped Troop 7.

We are a very active Troop that goes camping at least once a month, participates in numerous service projects, and believes in the ideals of Boy Scouts to help boys grow into mature and responsible men. The Troop is totally funded by the fundraisers we do over the year, and your support enables us to provide quality equipment and memorable outings for the boys. Thanks again for helping keep Boy Scouts affordable by supporting us in our fundraising efforts.

Matt Linden
Boy Scout Troop 7

Letter: Thank you Elburn Lions Club

We want to personally thank Chris Halsey, Steve O’Neil, Larry (the electrician) Dave -Security & the great group of Elburn Lions Club Volunteers who give so much of their time to this Community for hosting a wonderful Elburn Days. Thank you for all of your help with set up & tear down and for making this a great weekend for the entire surrounding communities.

Sincerely-The Hill Family
Cliff, Pat, Alexa & Tyler
Hill’s Country Store

Letter: A thank you from the Elburn Leos

On Aug. 5-6, the Elburn Leo Club hosted their first Safety Camp for kids. Over the two-day camp, the 34 participants learned about fire, weather, railroad, firearm, bicycle and roller skating safety. The topics of basic first aid, 911, stranger danger, decision making and drug and bullying awareness were also covered.

The Elburn Leos would like to thank the following organizations for their participation: Elburn and Countryside Fire Protection District, ECFPD Explorer Post, Elburn Police Department, Kane County Sheriff’s Department, Kane County Office of Emergency Management, Operation Lifesaver, Delnor/Cadence Health, DeKalb 911 Dispatch, DeKalb’s Barbed Wire Betties, the Rockford Rage and the Rockford Ragdolls.

The Leos would also like to thank the community volunteers who stepped up to help and the Elburn Lions Club for their continued support. We are looking forward to many more camps in the future.

Lara Broz
ELC Safety Camp chairperson

Letter: A thank you from National Night Out

We would like to thank our local police and fire departments, service organizations, non-for-profit groups, local businesses, sponsors and volunteers for participating in our seventh National Night Out at the village of Campton Hills.

Our community residents and their families were provided entertainment, education and information about our village services, special programs and local small businesses. As a result of everyone’s generosity and participation, we enjoyed our most successful National Night Out ever.

Chief Daniel Hoffman and the Campton Hills Community Relations Committee

Letter: Maple Park Fun Fest set to kick off on Saturday, Aug. 31

The Maple Park Fun Fest is scheduled to kick off Saturday , Aug. 31, at 7:30 a.m., and run through Monday, Sept. 2. The festival brings live music, a craft show, car show, parade, Toilet Bowl Races, food vendors, 5k run/2-mile walk, bags tournament, a spectacular fireworks show and much more.

New additions to the fest this year include kids activities. Children of all ages will be entertained with KidzMagic by Andrew Noyszewski on stage Aug. 31 at 2 p.m., followed by a Minute-To-Win-It game show hosted by the Knights of Columbus. Jumpy Jumpers, Inc., will provide inflatables and a kids zipline. The bike and wagon parade kicks off at 12:30 p.m.

Parade, craft show and car show participants are currently being accepted. For registration information and a complete schedule of events, visit

Beth Miller
Maple Park Fun Fest Committee

Letter: A thank you to those who donated Citizen of the Year gift baskets

As the volunteer who worked on behalf of the village of Sugar Grove and the Sugar Grove Chamber of Commerce in acquiring the donations for this year’s Citizen of the Year gift basket, I wanted to express my appreciation to all who donated items for the Citizen of the Year gift basket. Your donations went a long way to make the gift basket a wonderful treat for our 2013 Citizen of the Year

Citizen of the Year donations: certificate redeemable for Citizen of the Year shirt (donated by SignFX), Pampered Chef pitcher (Marguerite Ledone), handmade necklace and earrings set (Camille Givler), $15 gift card for dairy store (Oberweis Dairy), Glancer magazine two-year subscription, custom-crafted holiday cards and two passes for Breakfast with Santa (Julie Wilson), Anderson Fitness Studio $50 certificate (Amy Anderson), handmade quilt (United Methodist Church Quilters), $25 gift certificate (Open Range Grille), T-shirt and water bottle (Kaneland Sports Boosters), handmade bracelet and earrings set (Louise Coffman), $20 gift certificate (Calamity Jane’s), notepad and piggy bank (American Heartland Bank and Trust), $25 Jewel gift card (Steve Andersson; Mickey, Wilson, Weiler, Renzi & Andersson), $25 gift card for Runway to Galway (Fairel Anne Designs), $25 program certificate (Sugar Grove Park District), golf outing poncho/blanket (Sugar Grove Chamber of Commerce), certificate for a one-year newspaper subscription (Elburn Herald), $25 gift card (Reuland’s Food Service), Sugar Grove baseball hat and pin (village of Sugar Grove, small thermal tote and $10 gift certificate (31, Alysia Schramka), and a water cup and tote (Aurora Convention and Visitor’s Bureau)

I hope everyone will consider patronizing our area businesses that continually step up and support so many of our local events with donations.

Mari Johnson
Sugar Grove village trustee

Thank you for a great soccer season

The Kaneland Youth Soccer Organization (KYSO) thanks the soccer community for its help in making a great spring 2013 season.

KYSO is a volunteer organization bringing recreational youth soccer to boys and girls ages 4-17, with nearly 300 players participating on 32 teams. Our coaches, volunteers, parents, referees and sponsors make this happen and are the key to the kid’s success and enjoyment of the game of soccer.

A special thanks to sponsors and community organizations for their support, including Kaneland School District, Sugar Grove Park District, Jewel-Osco, The Elburn Herald, Hill’s Country Store, Paisano’s, Genesis Orthopedics, Rush Copley Convenient Care, Spring Bluff Nursery, Rich’s Auto Service, White & Ekker, RichWrap, Wireless Zone, Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches, Elburn Auto Repair, Mill Creek Dental and Dick’s Sporting Goods.

KYSO also congratulates the 23 recreational players who are advancing into the Kaneland United Soccer Club competitive travel program.

KYSO is looking forward to starting the fall season in mid-August and is currently registering players at

Tom Guernon
Director of marketing and development, KYSO

Letter: A thank you to KCFAF and STPS volunteers

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many volunteers who have committed several hours of their time to help the Kaneland Community Fine Arts Festival and Summer Theatre Performance Series. On June 22, KCFAF had over 70 volunteers serve as room and hall captains during the Granquist Music Competition, held during Geneva’s Swedish Days. The Granquist Music Competition is the largest music competition in Illinois ( Volunteers gave up eight hours of their day to assist the music judges during the competition. We are pleased to say that the Granquist family was very pleased with our help.

The past two weekends, KCFAF presented “Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” in the KHS auditorium. Once again our volunteer numbers were astounding. From helping to set up, working the box office, ushering our guests, even cleanup, we were covered in all areas during the six performances.

I am overwhelmed by the generosity and commitment to service in our community. It is with deep gratitude that I thank so many. We have had student volunteers from our local scouting troops, middle school students, high school students, as well as a large adult population, who donated more than just their time. They helped with costumes, props, set and even brought in snacks and water bottles to keep the performers happy and hydrated. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy lives to help support our series. While there are too many volunteers to list, please go to our website,, to see a complete list of our dedicated volunteers.

A special thank you must be given to Cathy Shaver and Spencer Serwin for spending the entire day at Granquist and running the box office for all six “Joseph” performances.

Laura McPhee
Secretary, Kaneland High School

Letter: Support Kaneville Fest

I am involved in fundraising for this year’s annual Kaneville Fest celebration. We are having a wonderful fireworks show, and have one of our local bands booked, Red Woody. They will play before the fireworks show. The donations will go toward offsetting the cost of the fireworks and band.

Prior to the band and fireworks, we will have a 5B’s porkchop fundraiser on Saturday at 5 p.m. at the Kaneville pavillion. We are also looking for prize donations for our many raffles we will have to raise money for the event.

I am asking for your help in donating whatever way you can. We realize, with the economy being the way it is, that things may be difficult, but we look forward to whatever support you can provide.

If you should have any further questions or require any further information, please feel free to contact me at (630) 853-9717 or (630) 557-2228. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Kaneville Fest is Saturday, Aug. 24, so please hurry and send your donations in by Monday, Aug. 5, or earlier. Please send your donations to P.O. Box 53, Kaneville, IL 60144.

Thank you for your consideration. Kaneville Fest couldn’t go on without the generosity of donors like yourself.

Kaneville is 177 years old and growing.

Pat Hill
Kaneville Fest committee chair

Letter: A thank you from KHS wrestlers

The Kaneland High School wrestlers want to take a few moments and thank the Kaneland community for its generosity and support in helping the wrestling team’s cause of attending Malecek Wrestling Camp in the Wisconsin Dells. The wrestlers themselves logged over 422 hours of service in the community, excluding all the help the coaches and parents lent them along the way. As a result, the team was able to send 25 wrestlers this year to learn new skills to positively impact the Kaneland High School wrestling program.

Michelle Parks
Knights Wrestling Club

Letter: Is the USPS setting up the Kaneville post office to fail?

This past Saturday, I went to my local Kaneville Post Office and I purchased $196.88 in postage stamps. Two years ago, this would have been a simple matter, because two years ago, the Kaneville Post Office had old, but useful, equipment. Last Saturday, the man behind the counter had to run three different adding machine tapes to total my order, because the U.S. Postal Service has taken away all the computerized sales counter equipment. Now they have a credit card swiper and nothing else at the counter.

In two weeks, the US Postal Service will send to Kaneville a first-timer on the job—a “casual” employee (their term) to be “in charge” of the Kaneville Post Office … all by herself … with just a couple weeks of training.

Our community would like to have quality useful equipment in our understaffed—and very profitable—office. But, for some reason, the U.S. Postal Service in Huntley, Ill. or Argo or Washington, D.C. or somewhere, has decided to get rid of the computerized equipment in Kaneville and leave us with an old calculator and a credit card scanner.

Last week, I asked the temporary window clerk who usually works the Big Rock office, “Are we going to get new equipment to replace that which they took away?” She said, “No.” She also said that Kaneville is a very profitable office. So why are they taking away our resources? Do their bosses in Washington want us to fail?

They have taken away our equipment, old though it was. Now they are replacing an experienced part-time worker with a brand new hire.

I’m sure we will like this person, but what are they thinking? A new hire, with two weeks of training, alone in a busy office with no experience and no equipment? Kaneville’s revenues are sufficient to pay for an experienced person. The U.S. Postal Service is making stupid mistakes, and we are feeling the pain here in Kaneville.

Meanwhile, back at the United States Postal Service, nobody is accountable, and it is time for a watchdog to call them out. USPS won’t tell us who made this decision. They won’t tell our community how or who to appeal to. Hear us in Washington, D.C. Hear us, Senator Durbin. Hear us, Mark Kirk. Hear us, Randy Hultgren. Hear us, neighbors. Keep buying stamps at Kaneville’s post office. Money talks—even small money. Join us in telling the post office that neither rain nor sleet nor snow nor mis-management from on high should sabotage our constitutional right to full postal service.

Joann Murdock

Letter: Knights wrestlers to host donation collection at Elburn, SG Jewel locations

Kaneland High School wrestlers last year earned their way to camp by giving back to the community. They not only met their goal of donating 200 volunteer hours to the community but blew past it to achieve 293 hours. Through donations to their cause, the wrestlers attended Malecek Wrestling Camp in Wisconsin Dells free of charge.

Our boys are back at it again this year. They have raised the ante and changed their goal to 400 volunteer hours given to the community. They are achieving this through helping senior citizens with their yard, as well as volunteer time at Conley’s and Northern Illinois Food Bank and have already reached 293 hours.

They leave for the same camp in a few weeks with a goal of free of charge again. They are going to be doing a donation collection to help pave the way for them on Saturday, June 8, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at both Sugar Grove and Elburn Jewel locations.

It is getting to be crunch time for them and they work so hard within in the community, so it would be great to see them meet all their goals. These boys work every Wednesday and Saturday somewhere doing something simply to help someone.

Michelle Parks
Knights Wrestling Club

Letter: A letter from David Hintzsche

I manage a local ag retail business. We provide the crop nutrients and crop protection products that enhance yields. The media attention and miscommunication that took place following the horrible tragedy in West, Texas, last month causes me concern.

Early on, some sources said that anhydrous ammonia was the cause of the explosion. Those of us in the ag industry know that anhydrous ammonia does not have explosive properties under a wide range of operating conditions, and certainly not to this magnitude.

We suspected the real culprit was ammonium nitrate, a product that hasn’t been used in Illinois or the Midwest for many years. Ammonium nitrate has been used as an explosive (in rock quarries, mines, etc.), but typically will not explode on its own, even in the presence of a fire, such as the circumstances in Texas. While the investigation is still pending, the Texas State Fire Marshal’s Office recently announced that ammonium nitrate was indeed the likely cause of the devastating explosion in Texas.

Ag retailers in this region often sell growers anhydrous ammonia, a valuable source of nitrogen. While there are risks involved with the storage and handling of this product, OSHA and the Department of Transportation have strict rules, which we all must abide by in order to reduce the element of danger to our employees, customers and the general public.

Sometimes when people do not have the facts, they overreact. My goal in writing this letter is to assure people that the majority of ag retailers follow the laws, regulations and procedures set by our state and federal government. If they didn’t, they would be shut down.

Agriculture is the heart of the Midwest, and our country depends on its productivity every year in order to feed those of us fortunate enough to live here, and others around the world. Without crop nutrients, the yields of many widely used grains would greatly diminish. We cannot allow one very unfortunate incident to dictate the creation of more legislative rulings that could have a negative effect on our already frail economy. I ask that everyone learn the facts and urge our government officials to focus on enforcing the current regulations, rather than imposing new ones.

One final note: please exercise patience and caution when driving during this very busy planting season.

David Hintzsche
Hintzsche Fertilizer, Inc., Maple Park

Letter: SG Township Community Building Board meeting notice

The next regular meeting of the Sugar Grove Township Community Building Board of Trustees will take place at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, June 11 (changed from June 4), at the Sugar Grove Community Building, 141 Main St., Sugar Grove.

The meeting schedule for the rest of 2013 is July 2, Aug 6, Sept. 3, Oct. 1, Nov. 5 and Dec. 3. All meetings are held on Tuesdays and will start at 7 p.m. The public is invited to attend.

For further information, call Jerry Murphy at (630) 466-4803.

Jerry Murphy
President, Sugar Grove Township Community Building Board

Letter: Knights Wrestling Club event

Knights Wrestling Club will host a one-night Intro to Wrestling 101 event on Friday, June 21. This event is open to kids from kindergarten through high school. This is designed for those kids who have zero wrestling experience and want a chance to explore this sport. During the two-hour course, kids will get to meet the coaches, see live exhibition matches and learn a few simple basic wrestling moves such as a stance. This is a pre-registered event only. Please view our website at or contact me at (815) 216-6007 for more information.

Michelle Parks
Maple Park

Letter: Check out the Kane County Guide

As a volunteer with several organizations within Kane County, I constantly hear of people with needs in the community for social, health, human services and safety. The Kane County Guide provides a “one-stop shopping” listing for these needs. The Kane County Guide is one of the best-kept secrets in this county.

Even some of the social service agencies in Kane County are unaware of this listing and resources. The Kane County Guide is easily accessible on the Internet by visiting and using a searchable keyword to find your contact information. Basic needs like food, shelter, legal services, drug and alcohol treatment, employment support and childcare, along with physical/mental and health care, are in the Kane County Guide.

The information is free and confidential. The current listings in the Kane County Guide are updated annually. New listings are added weekly.

If you’re looking for any of the above needs, go to the Kane County Guide website and find the information and assistance you’ve been looking for. The information is at your fingertips.

Norm Turner
Campton Hills

Letter: My property taxes will double in 15 years

First, some history: The Kaneland School Board announced a 12 percent levy increase via “black box” in the newspapers last October. Dan Nagel and I attended the levy hearing to object to such an increase.

The board then reduced their levy intentions to read 3.83 percent limited rate increase. To follow-up for verification purposes, we referred to the Tax Computation Report, Kane County of April 12, 2013, Page 81, for Taxing District 094—Kaneland C.U.S.D. No. 302. This report listed the capped funds total to be a limited rate of 5.427620, plus not capped funds of 1.290736, for a total of 6.718356 new taxation rate increases to district taxpayers. These increases raised the levy receipt dollars to the School District from $47,546,144.00 (2011) to $49,366,195.00 (2012), which is 3.83 percent being inclusive of property value (EAV) erosion. Kaneland District 302 accounts for 71 percent of my property tax bill, and while they are adding on, my home asset value is going down.

To summarize, the above data refers us back to the School Board culture of “taxation to the maximum.” The assistant superintendent of business and the PMA advisory consultant to the School Board announced to the board that “cost containment is not necessary” for the budgeted year 2013-14. The leaders of the School Board would not, and did not, press for more taxation representation of cost control for the taxpayer. This is also with the understanding the levy rates requested were violating (35 ILCS 200) Property Tax Code for the State of Illinois of the lesser of 5 percent increase or Consumer Price Index, which is 3 percent for 2013. We would expect the Kane County Clerk to also enforce the Property Tax Code and behavior of taxing districts performing the levy process, but they didn’t for some reason. Both the clerk and School Board members are elected, so I guess the voters have responsibility for this matter and the dilemma, as well.

We are beginning to contact representatives such as Taxpayers United and other community groups to gain some voice for positive and workable solutions. We will also continue our communications with County Board members, state legislators, senators and senior groups.

Jerry Elliott
Sugar Grove Township

Letter: Cole’s Crew fundraising event

This year, Cole’s Crew will partner with The Children’s Tumor Foundation, the leading non-profit funding source of Neurofibromatosis (NF) research in the world, to host The Children’s Tumor Foundation NF Walk Chicago.

On Saturday, June 29, Cole’s Crew will be in full force at the Gunnar Anderson Forest Preserve (Government Center) in Geneva, for a Walk/5k Fun Run. The goal for this year is to raise $25,000 to further enhance research.

On a personal note, Cole (Rutter) continues to enjoy the many things that all boys his age usually enjoy. He is still heavily involved in baseball and is coming to the realization that his limitations could very well make this his last year of competition. Many of you would be very surprised if you saw this little boy walk up to the plate, standing next to a catcher that towers a foot taller, and then, to their surprise, smacks the ball over the heads of the infield.

NF is a genetic disorder of the nervous system that causes tumors to form on the nerves anywhere in the body at any time. NF is a progressive disorder that affects all races and both sexes equally. It is a real disease in need of more awareness, funding, and research. Currently, there is no cure or effective treatment.

Many important advances have been made of late, specifically, that NF is closely linked to many of the common forms of cancer, brain tumors, and learning disabilities. You can find more information about NF by visiting The Children’s Tumor Foundation’s website at

As many of you know, Cole was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis at the age of 2, and each year he has been faced with unpredictable ailments. Though 2013 has been somewhat normal for Cole (normal in terms of an NF child), he still continues to struggle with different setbacks every day. Cole has been dealing with abdominal issues that resulted in a colonoscopy and endoscopy to determine the everyday pain he has been suffering from. It has also been determined that the tumors in his jaw have come back and until he stops growing, no aggressive treatment can be performed. As in years past, Cole just goes about his daily routine knowing all too well that this is just something he has to deal with—being a child inflicted with a terrible disease that has no cure.

Please consider joining us this year at the walk/5k run. We have always viewed this as “Cole’s Day,” and he would be extremely happy if there were many of you walking by his side. So please join us to support his crusade to find a cure. It is easy to be a participant in the walk/run. Register online as part of Cole’s Crew or form your own team.

If you are unable to walk, you can help the cause by sending a check with the donor form, or visiting Sponsorships are also available.

You can also check to see if your office has a matching gift program. Your donations are very much appreciated and they truly do make a difference.

Dan and Julie Rutter
Sugar Grove

Letter: Thank you for supporting the American Legion

The Elburn American Legion would like to thank everyone who supported our raffle ticket draw-down.

Winners are as follows: $50, Brandon Jackson of Sandwich, Rick Matthys of Elburn, Howard Hofmeister of Elgin, Don Zahm of Elburn, Danny Wilson of Florida, Jon Pangborn of St. Charles, Nancy Fuller of Wisconsin, Kevin Schmidt of Elburn; $100, Nicole Walsh of Elburn, Lori Kohurst of Geneva, Norbert Lund of Sycamore, Bob Britz of Elburn, Dan Manke of Elburn; $200, Gerry Swiderski of Elburn, Allen Swan of Elburn; $300, Gilbert Johnson of Elburn; $1,500, D. Matthys of Elburn.

Our meat raffle had 15 winners. Meat was provided by Ream’s. Food, provided by Paisano’s, was excellent and served by our Post 630 Auxiliary members.

Again, thanks to all who supported us and we hope to have your support next year.

Dennis Richmond
Raffle chairman

Letter: A thank you to everyone who voted on April 9

I would like to thank everyone who voted in the April 9, 2013 election, and I would like to especially thank all of my supporters who took the time to write my name in on the ballot. The phone calls, emails, Facebook postings and face-to-face contact that I have had with so many of you after the election has been so very supportive and truly overwhelming. I said on Facebook (and I would like to say it again here) that I may have lost the election, but when it comes to friends, I have hit the friends life lottery since moving to Sugar Grove.

I would like to congratulate Anthony Oliver, Louise Coffman, Bob Bergman and Ed DeBartolo. You did a terrific job, but now the really hard work begins.

I pledge to help the Sugar Grove Library in whatever way I can in its future endeavors.

Pat Graceffa
Sugar Grove

Letter: A thank you from Kane County Xplosion girls softball program

KANE COUNTY—The 2013 Kane County Xplosion Girls softball program would like to thank the following people and businesses for their support with our Candle Light Bowl Fundraiser that was held recently at the Bowling Green Sports Center in West Chicago, Ill.:

• Donations: Snap Fitness in Elburn, Kari Kuefler, Bob and Shirley Jaeger, 12U Xplosion families, 16U families, Corinne Jaeger, All American Softball, Fundamental Back Stop, Raging Waves Water Park, 14U Xplosion families, Delnor Health and Wellness, Chipotle in Geneva, Shady Hill Gardens, Sam’s Club in Batavia, Home Pros, Sugar Grove 16U (Red) Families, Paisano’s Pizza and Grill, Cathy Thomas, Ebert family, Mike Kuefler Matias family 18U families and Funway

• Sponsors: Ebert Family, ML&L Excavating, Inc., Home Pros of Sugar Grove, Paisano’s Pizza and Grill, J.T. Custom Carpentry and Prentice Financial Services, Inc.

Also, a special thank you to Bowling Green Sports Center for hosting our fundraiser.

Dawn Kuefler

Letter: Thank you to the voters

I would like to thank the residents of Sugar Grove for giving me the opportunity to serve as village president for another four years.

I take great pride in representing the village and working with the residents, the Village Board and our staff to make Sugar Grove a great place to live.

With the election behind us, we can move forward to build an even better community. Thank you for the vote of confidence.

Sean Michels
Sugar Grove village president

Letter: Comment regarding April 1 SG Township Board meeting

I attended the Sugar Grove Township meeting on April 1. Harry Davis was the acting supervisor since Dan Nagel was asked to resign. However, Harry appeared to be only a titular head, and (he) let Scott Jesseman be the mouthpiece.

The township spent over $12,000 on a special audit that the state’s attorney didn’t recommend pursuing charges. But the Township Board, in my opinion, is still on a witch hunt to smear Dan Nagel’s name.

Yes, Dan is a little bit of a bull in a china shop, and he is not a bookkeeper. But for 38 years, Dan’s heart has been dedicated to the township. When all the board members have given 38 years, then they would have a right to complain.

If the board were concerned as to the way bills were paid and the lack of receipts, then it, as a voting board, should have changed the rules and requirements for bill approval. But it didn’t; instead, Township Board members started a witch hunt and a smear campaign to get Dan to resign so they could run the township. Good luck on that—we will see what you can do in 38 years.

Scott Jessman called the audience “flying monkeys.” I feel that this was very unprofessional and a showing of his true colors. Is this a witch hunt, or are a bunch of boys and girls playing “King of the Mountain”? Power and politics are a sad combination; in my opinion, Sugar Grove Township is showing everyone what this combination looks like.

Karen M. McCannon (aka JoJo the Clown)
Sugar Grove

Letter: A thank you from Dave Anderson

To those who voted in Tuesday’s Consolidated Election, I wish to humbly thank you for the votes of support in a non-contested election.

I have, and will, continue to do my best for the people of the village of Elburn, based on the facts and information made available for any and all decisions.

The village of Elburn is blessed with an excellent, caring and thoughtful Board of Trustees. This also rings true for the entire staff that serves the needs of Elburn.

Dave Anderson
Elburn village president