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Kaneland Krier wins Quill and Scroll International first place award

by Sarah Arnold
Kaneland News Bureau Editor

Krier—Kaneland High School’s newsmagazine, the Kaneland Krier, was awarded a Quill and Scroll International First Place Award last month, earning its highest score in several years.

“We had a very hardworking staff last year who put their whole heart into the Krier, and the judges saw that and rewarded them for it,” journalism teacher Cheryl Borrowdale said.

The judges commended the 2009-2010 Krier, giving it high scores for policy guidelines, coverage, writing and editing, display and design, and business practices.

“I think the judges saw the staff had good story topics, high quality in terms of writing and research and an attractive paper design,” Borrowdale said. “The Krier is a completely student-run paper and publishes without censorship or prior review, and the editorial board has set very high standards for itself, both in terms of production and ethics. They are perfectionists, and it shows.”

In the critique, the judges offered both praise and some constructive criticism.

“The judges commented they really liked our designs, ads and in-depth stories. It feels good because that is what we worked hard on last year. They want us to improve our captions and use our space wisely,” executive editor Maria Kernychny said.

The overall score of 950 placed the Krier in the superior achievement category, giving the staff the International First Place Award.

“It feels good to win Quill and Scroll because it goes to show the success of all of our staff’s time and effort throughout the year,” web editor Megan Nauert said.

Schools from 49 countries compete in Quill and Scroll, the largest of the journalism honor societies. Quill and Scroll, which is run by the University of Iowa’s Communications Department, has college journalism professors and professional journalists judge student newspapers from around the world each year. Over the Krier’s 37-year history, Quill and Scroll has distinguished the Krier many times. The newsmagazine also received an International First Place Award last year and won the 2010 Golden Eagle from the Northern Illinois Scholastic Press Association, which is given to the best student newspaper in its class.

The current Krier staff is working on making the judges’ suggested improvements to ensure another win next year.

“We are working to develop our layout even more, involve more Kaneland students, continue to make sound editorial board decisions, and maintain our journalistic integrity. Our goal is to receive an even higher score,” head copyeditor and advertising manager Jessica Corbett said.

Photo: The 2009-2010 Krier editorial board, which recently won a Quill and Scroll’s International First Place Award. Melanie Mazuc (front, left to right), Hope Zegiel, Ali Boan, Erin Rodway, Megan Nauert, and Jessica Raines. Zach Brown (back, left to right), Jessica Corbett, Sarah Arnold, Maria Kernychny, and Anthony Sperando. Courtesy Photo

Krier earns Golden Eagle

by Ali Boan
Kaneland Krier Executive Editor
Kaneland News Bureau

Kaneland—The Kaneland Krier was awarded the Golden Eagle for best student newspaper in its class at the April 23 Northern Illinois Scholastic Press Association (NISPA) conference.

The Krier, which competes in Division 4 against schools ranging from Deerfield High School to Glenbard South to Rockford Lutheran, took top honors. The Golden Eagle is the highest award given by the association, which awards gold, silver, and bronze certificates as well. To earn a gold certificate and be in the running for the Golden Eagle, a paper must earn at least 360 out of 400 points, scored by the quality and design of the high school’s newspaper. The Krier earned 380 points, including perfect scores for its news coverage, in-depth coverage, special page design and advertising.

“The Northern Illinois region is very competitive because of the large number of schools, and so I was very pleased with the Krier’s performance this year,” Cheryl Borrowdale, journalism teacher and Krier adviser, said. “I think the judges identified a number of our strengths in news coverage and feature writing in particular. The judges also gave us several ideas as to what our goals for future improvement might be.”

In the final critique, NISPA judges commented that “The Krier is rich in content, and it’s presented very attractively. A great variety of topics and issues receive coverage.”

Other judges’ comments included that the Krier includes “ample evidence of reporting,” “fair and balanced” stories and contains “layered information.” Judges suggested that the Krier continue to work on writing more varied headlines, including more information in captions, using more white space and writing more concise editorials.

The Krier most recently won the Golden Eagle in 2008 and historically has performed very well at NISPA.

“All the hard work and stress definitely paid off after we got to hoist that trophy,” sophomore Anthony Sperando, sports editor, said.

Individual staff members also won eight blue ribbons and two honorable mentions for writing, photography, cartooning, graphics and ad design.

Blue ribbons were awarded to junior Maria Kernychny, centerspread editor, for feature writing and photography; senior Melanie Mazuc, editorial editor, for column writing and an individual in-depth piece; freshman Julia Angelotti, reporter, for sports writing; sophomore Zach Brown, opinion editor, for review writing; junior Megan Nauert, advertising manager, for ad design; and sophomore Demi Schlehofer, artist, for editorial cartooning. Honorable mentions went to Mazuc for graphics and to Kernychny and senior Jessica Raines, business manager, for a team in-depth piece.

The NISPA conference also included a keynote speech from Joe Mahr, a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter from the Chicago Tribune, and two breakout sessions on a variety of journalistic topics.

“Because a lot of the instructors were high school newspaper advisors, or reporters from the Chicago Tribune, they gave us a lot of real life tips, ideas and strategies that we’re going to put to good use with next year’s Krier staff,” Kernychny said.

Photo: Several Krier editors celebrate taking home the Golden Eagle at NISPA. ‘Winning a blue ribbon for ad design felt amazing because doing ads is so time consuming each issue,’ junior Megan Nauert, advertising manager and executive editor, said. ‘Winning an award made all that time feel worthwhile.’ Junior Jessica Corbett, feature and lifestyle editor (left to right); senior Jessica Raines, executive editor; Erin Rodway, executive editor; Ali Boan, executive editor; Anthony Sperando, sports editor; and Megan Nauert, executive editor. Courtesy Photo

WYSE Club compete at Waubonsee

by Ali Boan
Kaneland Krier Executive Editor

Kaneland’s WYSE Club members participated in a competition at Waubonsee on Feb. 9 that put both their brains and pencils to the test.

The team took second place in the Waubonsee Community College regionals and have now further advanced to the NIU sectionals on March 16.

“A special thanks goes out to Mr. Bryan Kuntsman for allowing his music students to attend the competition, and to all the Kaneland staff for their contributions to these students academic success,” Sharon Beck, WYSE Club sponsor, said. “It takes an entire school to help these students attain the academic achievements, and they realized that at this competition.”

The physics team earned three first-place medals by seniors Kasey Osterello, Jordan Rego and Tyler Thompson. A second-place finish went to senior Eric Dratnol, along with a third-place finish to senior Joe Garlinsky.

The engineering graphics team had a one-two finish with senior Logan Markuson in first and Dratnol taking second, while senior Tara Groen broke a long spell for Kaneland and placed second in the chemistry event.

Tyler Thompson added another first-place medal in biology, and the English team took third place, earned by Alex Morefield.

Finally, the mathematics team took it to the limit with a third-place medal by senior Kevin Krasinski, a second-place medal by Angie Humphrey, and a first-place medal by junior Keara Palplant.

Beck said that strong performances by senior Kevin Hodge and juniors Danielle Thomas and Cara Zagel also helped secure the team’s advancement to sectionals.

Krier launches new website

by Ali Boan
Kaneland Krier Executive Editor

Kaneland—The Kaneland Krier has many ideas in store to make the student-run newsmagazine both more interesting and more accessible. One way the Krier’s executive staff is pursuing this goal is by setting its new and majorly improved website into action on Nov. 19.

The Kaneland Krier’s official website, www.kaneland.org/krier, is run by Krier executive online editors Hope Zegiel and Ali Boan.

“I think the new website is a step forward for the Krier as it prepares to take the world of online journalism more seriously,” said Cheryl Borrowdale, Krier adviser. “I’m really looking forward to the staff being able to put out more frequent updates and have wider news coverage. Since journalism is becoming so tech savvy, I think it’s important for Krier students to learn those skills as well.”

Different from last year, this year’s new website has numerous options of choosing different kinds of stories, such as school news, lifestyle, trends and community/board news, and many more. Although these topics may seem familiar, as seen in the regular, monthly edition of the Krier, the website will hold completely different news.

“The news and stories you read about on the website will be different than what you read in the actual newspaper version of the Krier, because it’s stories that have been submitted just for us,” Zegiel said. “So going online will allow people to read stories written by kids at Kaneland that they’ve never read before.”

By visiting this website on a regular basis, it will allow students, parents and anybody who is interested the ability to check up on what’s happening in the community, school, columns submitted by students and stories that are strictly saved for Internet purposes.

“We’re looking forward to putting this website in action. There are a lot of big changes from last year, so we’re hoping that people will actually take time to sit down and check it out,” Zegiel said.

One of the other many things that’s taking a change for the better with the website is its image.

“The new website is so much more visually attractive,” executive editor Mel Mazuc said. “It’s way more user-friendly, and the stories will be updated much more frequently. We can only print once a month with our graphic capabilities, but it’s much faster to use a website.”

Krier earns honors

by Ali Boan
Kaneland Krier Executive Editor

KANELAND KRIER—Every spring, high school journalists across the nation rush to send their stories into Quill and Scroll, the international high school journalism honor society. Every September, the judges’ booklets come back. This September brought another honor to the 2008-09 Kaneland Krier: the International First Place award.

“This honor is for everyone on the staff. More than 80 students worked on the paper throughout the year, but it’s especially (an honor) for the 17 editors who worked tirelessly to write, produce, design and edit the paper,” Cheryl Borrowdale, Krier adviser, said.

“The staff has worked incredibly hard to continue Kaneland’s long history of journalistic excellence. The Krier has been completely student-run for 36 years now, and this staff dedicated themselves to producing the best student newspaper they could. It’s a group who set some very high expectations for themselves, and they met them,” Borrowdale said. “I’m glad to see them be recognized for all that they have done.”

Quill and Scroll is an international high school journalism honor society based at the University of Iowa. The judges read student newspapers and news magazines from 44 countries around the world, score each paper and offer critiques. Newspapers that score more than 900 out of 1,000 possible points are given first-place awards. The Krier scored 903 points, which places it among the best student news magazines in Illinois.

“Last year, all the editors worked really hard, and I’m glad that it paid off and we got recognition for it in the end,” senior Erin Rodway, executive editor, said.

Although the Krier received first place and was cited for superior achievement, the Quill and Scroll judges did have suggestions on how to improve.

“The judges told us that we should have our news stories come before the editorial, so we switched the pages up this year and listened to what they said,” Rodway said. “They also said we should have stronger and more unique leads, so we’re trying to do that as best as we can, too.”

The International First Place Award is the most recent of several awards won by the 2008-2009 Krier staff. The Krier also won a Gold Medal from the Northern Illinois Scholastic Press Association, as well as 19 individual awards. It was the only news magazine in its division to win an award in every category at NISPA.

Executive editor Mel Mazuc, now a senior, took third place nationally in column writing at the National Women’s Press Association contest in July. Mazuc had placed first in state at the Illinois Women’s Press Association contest in April, along with Kathleen Kuhar, ’09, who placed first in state for an in-depth news story.

The 2009-10 staff is working to continue improving the news magazine and accomplish many things.

“We’re going to try to work together with the executive editors so that we share more ideas and hopefully make the Krier a more diverse news magazine,” said junior Maria Kernychyny, centerspread editor.

Photo: Many of the 2008-09 Kaneland Krier staff gathered for a picture in the Krier newsroom. The Krier recently earned the Quill and Scroll International First Place Award.
Courtesy Photo

Krier announces staff

by Ali Boan, Kaneland Krier
Kaneland Krier Editor

The Kaneland Krier announced its new executive editors and page editors for the 2009-10 school year on May 20.

The new executive editorial staff of 2009-2010 positions are Erin Rodway, editor-in-chief and assistant copyeditor; Mel Mazuc, production manager, copyeditor and editorial editor; Megan Nauert, advertising and graphics manager; Ali Boan, marketing manager, assistant web editor and Kaneland News Bureau manager; Jess Raines, business and circulation manager; and Hope Zegiel, online editor and visual editor.

“I think it’ll be a lot easier to do things (next year) because we’re a smaller, really good group of people. It’ll be fun,” Rodway said.

The editorial staff positions were also selected for the 2009-10 school year. Editorial staff are Sarah Arnold, trends, features and A&E editor; Jess Corbett, profile, lifestyle and feature editor; Maria Kernychny, centerspread editor; Anthony Sperando, boys and girls sports editor; and Zach Brown, news, opinion and photo page editor.

Next year’s goals include “being on time, working effectively and making deadlines,” Rodway said.

The selection process for the positions is a careful one.

“The outgoing executive editors select the new executive editors through an application/ interview process. They unanimously agreed on the new staff; I think they chose very well,” Cheryl Borrowdale, Krier adviser, said.

Krier editors will start their summer meetings Tuesday, June 9, as they sell advertisements and prepare for the 2009-10 Krier.

Photo: The 2009-2010 Krier staff. (Back row) Jess Corbett, Anthony Sperando, Zach Brown, Maria Kernychny and Sarah Arnold. (Front row) Jess Raines, Megan Nauert, Erin Rodway, Hope Zegiel, Ali Boan and Mel Mazuc. Courtesy Photo