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Letter: In support of Stephen Bruesewitz

For the past four years, the people living in Kane County District 13 have not heard from their representative on the Kane County Board.

Despite the extreme times we live in and the severe impact it has had on our community and local neighborhoods, he has not once bothered to call or e-mail us, let alone meet with us face to face. Nor has he voted in our best interest as a member of the Kane County Board.

Completely lacking in leadership, he has blindly followed his self-serving party, totally disregarding the needs of the very people he was elected to serve. During this same time period, Kane County has gone from bad to worse, relentlessly bemoaning the economic downturn without addressing even one of the myriad issues that confront us.

This is precisely why I encourage everyone to support and to vote for Stephen Bruesewitz as our new Kane County Board member this November. Mr. Bruesewitz is not a career politician. He is an extremely intelligent, hard-working member of our community who has repeatedly demonstrated leadership and a true commitment to the people in our area. He has selflessly served as a regular volunteer at Lazarus House in St. Charles, as Chairman of the Kane County Democrats and Treasurer of Fox Valley Citizens for Peace and Justice.

Bruesewitz may be difficult to pronounce and even more confounding to spell, but it’s definitely a name worth remembering because of Stephen’s integrity, strong work ethic and life-long commitment to the people in our community. Now more than ever, we need Mr. Bruesewitz’s integrity, leadership and devoted service to us—the people living in the 13th District and throughout Kane County. Without the job creation, fiscal responsibility, sustainable development and ethical standards Bruesewitz champions as our next Kane County Board member for District 13, things will only get worse for the people who are already bearing the brunt of the economic crisis.

Do the right thing, the best thing, for yourself, your family and everyone in Kane County: vote out the undeserving incumbent and vote for Stephen Bruesewitz, Kane County District 13.

Barbara Zaha
St. Charles

Letter: John Dalton is a man of integrity

As we enter another campaign season, once again the call for campaign finance reform resurfaces, particularly from candidates seeking voter support and votes.

Typically, once elected, these candidates’ highly verbalized intention to advance critically needed campaign finance reform fades until the next election cycle, when they again need support and votes for their own re-election. And so it continues to the detriment of our democracy, to the disempowerment of voters.

This seemingly endless cycle of false hopes for real campaign finance reform makes it all the more exceptional for Democratic candidate John Dalton to actually take action now, while he is still a candidate. Seeking election to fill a new judgeship for Kane County, Dalton has intentionally declined donations of any size from fellow attorneys to ensure his focus as judge will be on the facts pertinent to the case rather than alliances formed from an attorney’s financial support to his campaign. It is precisely this type of common sense integrity which Kane County voters should enthusiastically support.

It’s a vital step to cultivating a culture of unbiased justice, within a judicial system desperately in need of real reform. By bringing this essential element to our courts as well as the electoral process, Dalton distinguishes himself above all other candidates.

This noble measure to vigorously step up to actually create the true campaign finance reform without imposed regulation, coupled with many stellar qualities John Dalton possesses as a qualified candidate of superb integrity, is why I am unreservedly supporting his campaign for Kane County judge. It is also the reason all voters in Kane County, regardless of party affiliation, should enthusiastically lend their support, voice and vote to Dalton.

Barbara Zaha
St. Charles