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Water, sewer fees get fresh look

New engineering firm proposes fee changes, ShoDeen raises concern
by Lynn Meredith and Ryan Wells
ELBURN—A representative from a developer of a proposed plan that would double Elburn’s population raised concerns Monday after village officials heard a presentation that recommended the village raise water and sewer connection fees on all future development.

The developer, ShoDeen Inc., has had plans for a development known as Elburn Station in various stages of negotiation with the village for years. ShoDeen’s proposed plan, if approved in its current form, would double the population of Elburn with a build-out of approximately 20 years. It would consist of a combination of multi-unit dwellings and single-family homes surrounding the Elburn Metra station east of Route 47.

If the Village Board approves the new fee schedule prior to final passage of Elburn Station, the developer would be impacted by the fee change. ShoDeen representative Bob Skidmore spoke out during Monday’s Committee of the Whole meeting.

“From the water and sewer standpoint, we’ve been told that the (agreed upon) numbers are incorrect. We worked for two years with staff, the board and Rempe-Sharpe. The board approved the concept, and now at the last minute, we have new engineers, and (what they say) contradicts Rempe-Sharpe’s analysis,” Skidmore said. “We’ve taken a two-year step back in time, and ShoDeen has wasted $188,000, not including our time.”

Monday’s presentation came from new village engineering firm Engineering Enterprises, Inc. (EEI), based in Sugar Grove. The firm replaced former village engineers Rempe-Sharpe, based in Geneva.

Water and sewer connection fees are assessed at the point of issuance of a building permit. According to Elburn Village Administrator Erin Willrett, the current water connection fee is $930 for a single-family home, and $868 for wastewater, for a combined fee of $1,798.

“The water and sewer connection fees buy capacity into our system,” Willrett said.

The revised fee schedule remains to be finalized. Willrett said village staff are continuing to refine the new numbers prior to the Village Board meeting on Monday, July 16.

Elburn Station plans unveiled

by Sandy Kaczmarski
Elburn—Despite being somewhat sweltering at Lion’s Park pavilion Tuesday night, even with the fans on, a group of Elburn residents listened to development plans for Elburn Station during an open house.

Village President Dave Anderson and several trustees were on hand to chat with residents about the plan, which has been a matter of discussion for months.

The proposed plan by ShoDeen, a familiar name around Kane County responsible for the Village at Mill Creek and numerous commercial developments in the Fox Valley, would encompass the area between Route 38 to the north and Keslinger Road to the south, and west of Pouley and Anderson roads.

Elburn Station, when complete, would entail 2,281 total units consisting of single family, apartments and townhomes. Some commercial development is also included in the plan at Pouley and Anderson, at Route 38 and Anderson, and at Hicks Road in the center.

However, the Anderson Road extension is at the top of the list.

“It’s the backbone,” ShoDeen project manager Bob Skidmore said. “Once that occurs, Anderson Road will start the project.”

Skidmore said Phase 1 would include approximately quarter-acre single family lots backed up to the Still Meadows subdivision.

“The goal is to work south to north, starting with the Phase 1 single-family units,” he said.

The proposed Phase 1 would also include some open space, he said, a retention pond, future wells and a water treatment site.

Some residents questioned whether the economy would warrant such a development, especially with so much excess inventory vacant on the market. Skidmore said once Anderson Road is started, development would proceed based on viability.

Anyone with questions about the proposed development should call the village administrator at (630) 365-5062.