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Letter: Not proud of Congressman Foster

In response to the letter “Proud of Congressman Bill Foster,” by Frank Imhoff of the Elgin Township Democrats, I would like to give my response to Congressman Foster’s “yes” vote concerning the Health Care Reform Act.

I am deeply disappointed with his “yes” vote for “Obamacare.”

Congressman Foster has fallen lock step with the Obama cry for socializing the United States of America. Democrats will not be happy until all of us are totally beholding to the great givers in Washington. This bill will cause a tremendous burden on our children and grandchildren, as they will be the ones who will bear the burden of paying for this socialistic takeover of our nation’s health care.

And I believe that we will suffer with the quality and availability of our care. It appears to me that Bill Foster does not represent the hard-working people of his district when he makes such a wrongheaded decision. He merely follows his masters in the House of Representatives and the White House; or is he just one more of the liberal left who knows exactly what the masses need?

Remember, Bill Foster is of the same party that has given us Chicago-style politics in this state and the nation. Chicago is running in the red, and we all know what is happening in Springfield—more debt than we can cope with. Now he is helping to drive our once-great nation into the ground.

I would like to encourage all the people to call Rep. Foster and let him know that he is to represent us, not his party mantra. Citizens of this district need to vote Foster out of office and replace him with someone who does not take marching orders from the Democrats in Chicago, Springfield or Washington, D.C.

Bob Strzepek
Maple Park