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Letter: We need to rethink our gun laws

The fact that people are eligible to apply for guns and legally buy and own them is something I do not agree with. It’s outrageous.

Just because someone meets the requirements to own a gun doesn’t mean they don’t have some underlying desire to commit a crime. Let’s just say that a person with a clean record, who has never been in trouble, and who has always been viewed as respectable in the eyes of the law, obtains a gun license and buys a gun, and then goes out and kills someone with it. Then what? It was legal for that person to have that gun, and who knows if they won’t just cry “innocent” and say it was an accident that it went off.

I think only people with authority should have guns, but the way they use them should be limited. I don’t agree with police officers having the right to shoot someone who is running from them, but that is beside the point.

Another reason you shouldn’t be able to own a gun is due to children being at risk of finding it. Kids often find this “thing” they think is a toy, bring it to their friend’s house and then tragedy occurs. It’s a scary thought that the situation could have been prevented in the first place.

Owning guns is not a life-or-death situation. Or maybe from another standpoint, it is. If people want to go hunting, then the designated hunting grounds should have the guns available there to rent while hunting. Keeping guns off the street is the best idea ever for so many reasons.

Another possible issue that could come up is someone knowing you have a gun and where you keep it. Then they tell someone about your gun and they tell someone and before you know it, you can’t find your gun. You wouldn’t even know the weapon you have was stolen. In all reality, if a crime is committed using the gun stolen from your home, then the investigation will lead right back to the gun owner: you. That sounds like too much to lose for something so unnecessary to own.

Cheryl Gaston
Kaneland High School

Letter: Obama broke too many promises

As we have all constantly heard about, it’s been Barack Obama who is putting our country in a horrible situation. His promises to put money back in peoples’ wallets was a complete lie, along with his promises to bring our soldiers home in 16 months.

A huge controversy between the nation is about the health care system. He is causing stress and difficulties for the hardworking people trying to make a living by forcing them to pay higher taxes to cover the less fortunate. I’m not saying that poor people shouldn’t have the right to health care, I just don’t believe personally that our president should rely on wealthier people to cover them. As president, that should be his job, and the government as a whole.

I could sit here all day and name his broken promises, which is scary to think about. Obama is setting America back, and with his way of running things our childrens’ children will be paying for what he has done. He not only has put our country in an extreme amount of debt, but he also sets a bad example for everyone he’s poorly representing.

I hope for nothing more than Obama’s impeachment, because America cannot progress with him as president. It’s only a matter of time before enough people get fed up with his presidency. Obama did a great job at fooling people, but he didn’t fool me. He actually taught me what a president shouldn’t be.

Cheryl Gaston
Senior, Kaneland High School