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Letter: Speaking out against high-capacity firearm magazines

What hunter needs a high-capacity magazine—a clip that holds more than 10 rounds—like the one a gunman used to shoot 20 people in a matter of seconds in Arizona? These magazines are for killing a lot of people fast.

The United States Constitution guarantees to our citizens the right to keep and bear arms. At the same time that we can all acknowledge this basic right, I believe that we should also be able to come together to develop reasonable, common-sense laws designed to ensure that the right to bear arms is exercised safely and responsibly.

The assumption that more guns reduces crime is a fantasy. According to the Violence Policy Center (www.vpc.org/), the highest gun-death rates are:
1. Louisiana, with 46% gun ownership
2. Mississippi (54%)
3. Alaska (61%)
4. Alabama (57%)
5. Nevada (32%)

The lowest gun-death rates are:
50. Hawaii (10%)
49. Rhode Island (13%)
48. Maine (13%)
47. Connecticut (16%)
46. New York (18%)

More guns do not equal less crime. Contact Congressman Randy Hultgren (www.hultgren.house.gov/) and tell him to sign a bill that outlaws the sale of high-capacity magazines.
Chrisi Vineyard
Oswego, Ill.