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Hill’s Country Store promotes epilepsy awareness

KANEVILLE—Hill’s Country Store, aka the “Purple Store,” in Kaneville, is participating in the Great Purple Cupcake Project for the second consecutive year, from now through Sunday, March 30, at the store’s location, 2S133 Harter Road.

The project is organized by the Anita Kaufmann Foundation in support of Purple Day, March 26. People all over the world participate in the project in an effort to raise epilepsy awareness.

Alexa Hill, daughter of Hill’s Country Store owners Pat and Cliff Hill, introduced the cupcake project to the store last spring during her senior year of college at Aurora University. Alexa said she discovered the purple-laden endeavor while researching for her Capstone project.

“Last year, when I was researching a business plan and the marketing needs for a bakery for my Capstone project, I came across the Great Purple Cupcake Project,” Alexa said. “I thought it would be a great idea to support since my mom’s cousin, Jimmy, died of an epileptic seizure. He didn’t know he had epilepsy.”

The color purple is used to symbolize and promote epilepsy awareness, so it was only fitting that the Purple Store get involved with the cupcake project.

As the store’s manager, Alexa bakes pies and cookies on a regular basis. Naturally, she handled all the cupcakes for the fundraiser project, baking chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with purple frosting, as well as purple-cupcake-shaped sugar cookies, all for $1 each.

The store will also have educational bookmarks available, explaining the steps that should be taken when a person is having an epileptic seizure. Alexa added purple paper cupcakes to the project so that donors can have their name on a cupcake-shaped sheet with the dollar amount they contributed. All proceeds will go to the Anita Kaufmann Foundation. The paper cupcakes will be displayed around the store, along with coloring sheets kids have decorated for the store’s coloring contest.

Coloring contest sheets can be picked up at the store and submitted through the end of this week. The girl and boy winners will be announced next week. Updates on the project and pictures from the week can be found on the Hill’s Country Store Facebook page.

“It means a lot to me to support epilepsy awareness, especially because of Jimmy,” Alexa said. “I would like for everyone to know about it.”

Kaneville looks back on the year

by Natalie Juns

KANEVILLE—Kaneville Village President Pat Hill believes the village’s greatest accomplishment for 2013 was saving its local village post office.

Hill found out in early December that the village’s efforts to save the Kaneville Post Office had been heard.

“Now that it isn’t closing, we need to work hard to keep the revenue of the post office up for the upcoming year,” Hill said.

Since small, rural post offices are in danger of going out of business, the Kaneville Post Office has had to reduce its hours to stay afloat. Its current hours are now Monday through Friday, 12:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m, and on Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to noon.

The Kaneville Village Board has other reasons to be proud of 2013, too.

Hill was elected Village President this past April after serving on the board as a trustee since 2006. The board has also added four new board members, Carl Hauser, Tim Christopher, Jon Behm and Nick Garifalis, Road Commissioner Dale Pierson, and four new Plan Commision members, including Henry Harwell, Paul (Griz) Stouver, Del Ward and Cliff Hill.

The board also welcomed Al Witney as its new township supervisor, and Serina Hauser as village clerk.

Progress was made in the village with the resurfacing of Merrill Avenue and Lovell Road. The village expects the project to be completed next spring.

The Village Board this year worked to notify residents of flooding in ditches located on the southwest portion of Kaneville, and of the repairs the village plans on implementing in the ditches and culverts next year.

On a social note, the village drew residents together with the lighting of their Christmas tree, donated by Strang Landscaping, during the Christmas in Kaneville event on Dec. 7.

“It was great having the Christmas tree lighting on Dec. 7,” Hill said. “We had around 20 people show up for the event, and Santa, one of the most important people, was there. The kids really enjoyed it and were also able to hang ornaments on our tree, donated by Strang Landscaping.”

Kaneville will hold fundraisers next spring and fall for future Kaneville Fest and Christmas in Kaneville events.