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Letter: Kane transportation department commended for Bliss Road work

Thank you to Kane County’s Division of Transportation’s John Guddendorf, and the many different crews working with John, for the excellent road work done on Bliss Road starting just south of Interstate 88 and extending past Bliss Woods Forest Preserve.

John kept the community informed throughout the entire project and listened to what each resident had to say about the job. The crews all worked hard in some pretty hot weather, kept delays to a minimum, and kept a safe and clean roadway at all times.

Thank you to John and to all involved in this project for proving that local government can get the job done quickly, efficiently and leave us with a beautiful roadway.

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Graceffa
Sugar Grove

Letter: A thank you to the village of Sugar Grove

Great job, Sugar Grove.

Last Wednesday night, at the height of the white-out, a Sugar Grove police officer came to the aid of a stranded motorist at the corner of Denny and Bliss.

That officer was out in that extreme weather for at least an hour and a half, securing the safety of the person in the car. The village of Sugar Grove made sure they posted information on their website immediately, and they got their e-mail alerts (every Sugar Grove resident can sign up for these) out immediately on what decisions the municipal offices in town had made (i.e., fire department was a warming center, schools closed, library closed, and what the plowing procedures were for the public works employees).

Compared to many towns seen on television, Sugar Grove plow drivers, who do a great job in regular weather conditions, did an outstanding job under such extreme conditions. Thank you to all those who worked so hard to make sure our lives were not inconvenienced and kept us safe during that brutal storm.

Pat and Dan Graceffa
Sugar Grove

Letter: Visit the SG farmer’s market June 6

Veggies, fruits and eggs harvested within a day or two of a farmers market are fresh, crisp and loaded with flavor and nutrients. Today more than ever, it is so important to understand where and how your produce, eggs and meat have been grown.

Fruits and vegetables shipped to us from other states, and today mostly from other countries, must have tough skins that survive packing and shipping and also require the ability to have a reasonable shelf life. Only a handful of hybrid plant varieties have these characteristics, so there is little genetic diversity in commercially grown plants compared to the large number of varieties our local farms still grow so as to provide us all with an array of great tasting crops all season long.

Heirloom plants used by our farmers may even someday provide the genes needed to create crops which will thrive in changing climates. Locally grown food preserves genetic diversity, and if you are opposed to eating genetically modified fruits and veggies, you can rest assured that our farm produce was bred the old fashioned way, as nature intended—GMO-free.

Buying from our local farmers preserves our open space, keeps our taxes in check and community farms support a clean environment, which benefits not only us, but all area wildlife. As you build a relationship with the farmers you deal with at the market, you establish friendships based on understanding and trust.

Farmers are a vanishing breed. When you make a conscious decision to support your local farmers market or local farm stand, you help ensure that future generations will have access to the nourishing and abundant crops, which our Illinois farmers work so hard to bring to our communities.

Please join us at the opening of the sixth Sugar Grove Chamber of Commerce Farmers Market, which we will share with the village of Sugar Grove and their Community Open House on Saturday, June 6, (rain or shine) from 8 a.m. until noon at the Sugar Grove Village Hall, located at Route 30 and Municipal Drive in Sugar Grove.

Mari Johnson
Don and Terry Meisinger
Tina and Andy Cella
Karen Cinto
Sheri Baum
Beverly Holmes Hughes
Jeff Steenwyk
Pat and Dan Graceffa
Pat Graceffa
Sugar Grove farmer’s market volunteers