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Elburn looks at emergency lockdown procedures after police chase

by David Maas
ELBURN—Elburn village trustees on Monday discussed current emergency lockdown procedures in the aftermath of Friday’s police high-speed pursuit of a bank robber that concluded in town.

“What happened, are we currently prepared for this, and who notifies the schools?” Trustee Jeff Walter said.

“While we do conduct emergency lockdown drills with the schools, we don’t officially have a procedure currently,” Police Chief Steven Smith said. “We have been planning procedures that we will continue to develop, but this was a perfect storm.”

“I’ve heard from many parents who were upset, that some called the schools and told them not to let out the children, but in that case, how does the district know who is calling?” Walter said.

Aside from the procedures being developed, Smith said a contact system should also be implemented for cases like this.

“Yes, the schools didn’t know who was calling. They had no way of knowing for certain,” Smith said. “We need to have a dispatch center call them, possibly the Sheriff’s office, or a code in place so the schools know who the call is coming from.”

Because both on-duty officers were involved in the chase, there was no one in the department that had time to handle a lockdown situation.

“Nobody knew where the chase was headed,” Smith said. “We would think it was going one way, but he would go another way. There was no indication at all.”

The village of Elburn will now look at this situation, drawing from this instance to further develop procedures to ensure residents’ safety.

“In many situations, especially ones like this, our kids’ safety is the first thing that comes to our minds,” Village President David Anderson said. “Any lessons we can learn from this will help us in the future.”

Trustees meet consulting firm

by David Maas
ELBURN—The Elburn Village Board on Monday formally met with the consulting firm who will help the village complete its comprehensive plan in the upcoming months.

“Thank you for this opportunity,” said Tracy Morse, President of Images, Inc. “We are very excited to be working with you, and the community, on this plan.”

Images, Inc., which specializes in planning and outreach, has been working will all levels of government for over 10 years.

“All of us here have years of experience, and we also have the experienced Trans/Land, Ltd. as a sub-consultant on this project,” Morse said.

While work on the comprehensive plan is scheduled to start as soon as they are cleared to begin, Morse said the project would be completed by the end of January 2013.

“We welcome you to the village of Elburn,” President David Anderson said. “We look forward to working with you, and we are excited to see what you do in the future.”

Elburn board avoids water rate increase

Scaling back project list preserves rates at least through end of year
by Sandy Kaczmarski
Elburn—It looks as if residents won’t have to face a water/sewer increase—for a while, at least.

Superintendent of Public Works John Nevenhoven told the Elburn Village Board Monday that to complete all the projects on his wish list, water rates would have to increase from $5 to $15 a month.

“Realizing that is not going to be practical, I’ve identified two of the five (projects) that would absolutely, positively have to be done this coming year,” Nevenhoven said.

The two projects he recommends completing this year will cost $126,000, something he says can be done within his current budget.

One of the projects is to rebuild and service well No. 3 at a cost of $65,000. The well was last serviced in 2002, and recommendations are that it be serviced every six or seven years.

“With something like a well, we’d much rather do it on our terms than on the well’s terms,” he said, meaning to repair it now before it breaks down.

The other project is interior service on the North Tower, coming in at $61,000, which was last serviced in 1996. The tower doesn’t need to be serviced as frequently as the well, but Nevenhoven said it’s at a point where repairs need to be done.

As the board discussed expected balances at the beginning of the fiscal year May 1, Village Administrator Erin Willrett pointed out an ordinance that requires the budget to be reviewed every year, but that the board is not tied to a fiscal year.

“We could start the review of water/sewer capital and look at the list of projects throughout the year, and make that recommendation effective as of January 1,” she said.

Trustee Jerry Schmidt said that with the current budget, it appears that three projects could be approved right now and without having to consider raising rates.

Village President David Anderson said the board could go ahead with the two projects suggested, and wait until January to decide to do another project if funds are available.

“I kind of like that,” he said. “I think this gives us a better perspective.”

Anderson said the board has a “fiduciary responsibility to maintain and operate the water and sewer systems.”

Trustee William Grabarek agreed, and said by deciding next January, the board would have eight more months for more careful planning.

“It would give us a better ability to look at our budget come January on these capital projects and make a decision at that time,” he said.

Nevenhoven is moving ahead on the two projects already budgeted for, and Willrett said she will reintroduce these budget concerns next fall so the board can better assign priorities and take a look at the rate structure.

Mayor escorts student to school

Elburn—Elburn Village President and St. Gall Parishioner David Anderson recently made a local student’s dream come true, with the help of the boy’s grandparents and a local limousine company.

The St. Gall’s Annual Gala included the silent auction item “Have the Mayor Take Your Child to School in a Limo,” won by Maple Park residents Eldon and Sandra Gould. Their grandson, Andrew Gould, was ecstatic to learn that Anderson would arrive at his home in a limousine on the first day of school, take him to Blackberry Creek Elementary School, and escort him into his new classroom.

Elburn resident Jeff Hiltunen of West Suburban Limousine in Winfield, Ill., donated the limousine ride.

The Annual Gala is a fundraising event for the building of a new church to be located at the corner of Hughes Road and Route 47. The 2010 Gala is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 9. For more information, contact the St. Gall Parish Office at (630) 365-6030.
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Elburn voters pick Anderson

by Martha Quetsch
Elburn voters elected the first new village president in more than 12 years on Tuesday, Dave Anderson. Anderson defeated his opponent, Village Trustee Patricia Romke, 666 to 167.

“Plain old support” is what brought about his victory, Anderson said.

“People know me and, I believe, respect some of the things I have done, and they made their voices heard,” Anderson said.

A lifelong Elburn resident and former owner of The Grocery Store downtown, Anderson will replace three-term Village President Jim Willey. Willey announced last fall that he would not seek re-election.

Romke, an Elburn trustee whose term ends in 2011, called Anderson last night to congratulate him. She is looking forward to working with him on the Village Board.

“I will fully support him for the next two years, and as a team, I hope we can get a lot accomplished,” she said.

Running for village president was “hard work but a great experience,” particularly being able to meet and talk to so many residents during her campaign, said Romke, a Realtor who has lived in Elburn for nine years.

Anderson said as soon as he is sworn in later this month, he will start working on “a lot of little things that will add up to major changes.” He declined to say what those changes will be.

He also plans to put a board committee structure in place, and said that pursuing the construction of the Anderson Road bridge and extension, and addressing stormwater issues, will be his top priorities after taking office.

Voters also elected three new Village Board trustees, Jeff Walter, Jerry Schmidt and Ken Anderson. The three new board members will replace trustees Tom Burgholzer and Jeff Humm, who ran unsuccessfully, and trustee Craig Swan, who did not seek re-election.

Anderson has been Blackberry Township Supervisor for more than 10 years, a seat that will be filled by Dave Richmond. Richmond was the only candidate for the position.

Anderson has been on the Village Board before, as a trustee in the 1970s when the Village Board established a land-use plan, built the wastewater treatment plant, and hired its first village administrator.

His public service also has included being the past president of the Kaneland School Board and a three-term member of that board; a member of the former Kane County Criminal Justice Commission; and a member of the Kane County Regional Planning Commission and the Kane County Zoning Board of Appeals.

Letter: Thank you to local voters

The voters have spoken and I am thankful for all of you who cast your ballot for me. You may rest assured that I shall continue to strive to do what is best for Elburn. To my family, words alone can’t express the love and support I have received from all of you: Janet, Michael, Joel and Chris, Ryan and Kim. I have been blessed. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

David Anderson