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Local students named to Augustana dean’s list

ROCK ISLAND, ILL.—The following local residents were named to the Augustana College dean’s list for the 2013 spring semester: Emma Anderson (pyschology and sociology-social welfare), Emily Butts (elementary education), Benjamin Hodges (biology), Alex Kurian (business administration-management), Curtis Lubic (biology), Chassidy Mangers (communication sciences and disorders) and Kristen Sanecki (English and French), all of Elburn; Malory Groen (biochemistry), Tara Groen (biochemistry), Anna Novotny (communication sciences and disorders) and Kylie Siebert (business administration-advising), all of Sugar Grove; and Benjamin Damisch (business administration-advising) of Maple Park.

Local students named to Augustana College winter term dean’s list

ROCK ISLAND, Ill.—The following students were named to the dean’s list at Augustana College for the 2011-12 winter term: Emma Anderson, Sara Bihner, Kristina Bowen, Emily Butts, Margaret Clarkson, Benjamin Hodges, Alex Kurian, Kailey Maras, April Runde and Edgardo Valle, all of Elburn; and Tara Groen and Curtis Lubic of Sugar Grove.

Students who have earned this academic honor have maintained a grade-point average of 3.5 or higher on a four-point scale for courses taken during the term.

Area students named to dean’s list at Augustana College

ROCK ISLAND—The following Elburn students have been named to the dean’s list at Augustana College, Rock Island, Ill., for the 2011 spring term: Mary Rhoades, senior, majoring in biology; Alex Kurian, senior, majoring in business administration management; April Runde, senior, majoring in business administration marketing and Spanish; Margaret Clarkson, junior, majoring in business advising; Chassidy Mangers, junior, majoring in communication science and disorders; Kristen Sanecki, junior, majoring in English and French; Emily Butts, sophomore, majoring in pre-elementary education; Emma Anderson, junior, majoring in psychology and sociology with social welfare.

These students from Sugar Grove were also named to the dean’s list: Tara Groen, sophomore, majoring in biology; Curtis Lubic, junior, majoring in biology; Danilo Bruno, sophomore, majoring in pre-teaching Spanish and Spanish.

Students who have earned this academic honor have maintained a grade point average of 3.5 or higher on a four-point scale for courses taken during the term.

Local students named to Augustana College dean’s list

Rock Island, Ill.—Thirteen local students have been named to the dean’s list at Augustana College for the 2010-11 winter term. Students who have earned this academic honor have maintained a grade point average of 3.5 or higher on a four-point scale for courses taken during the term.

The students from Elburn are Mary Rhoades, Alex Kurian, Chassidy Mangers, Kristen Sanecki, Edgardo Valle, Sara Bihner, Emily Butts, Emma Anderson, April Runde and Patrick Manser.

The students from Sugar Grove are Danilo Bruno, Tara Groen and Curtis Lubic.

Local residents named to Augustana College fall term Dean’s List

ROCK ISLAND—Students Emma Anderson (psychology and sociology with social welfare), Matthew Bowman (art history), Emily Butts (liberal studies), Alex Kurian (business advising), Chassidy Mangers (communication science and disorders), Mary Rhoades (biology), April Runde (business advising and Spanish) and Kristen Sanecki (English and French), all of Elburn; and Danilo Bruno (liberal studies) and Tara Groen (liberal studies), both of Sugar Grove, were named to the Dean’s List at Augustana College for the 2010-11 fall term.

Students who earned this academic honor maintained a grade point average of 3.5 or higher on a four-point scale for courses taken during the term.

Local students named to Augustana College dean’s list

Among the 864 students named to the dean’s list at Augustana College for the 2009-10 spring term, the following are local residents who maintained a grade-point average of 3.5 or higher on a four-point scale for courses taken during the term.

• Alex Kurian from Elburn, a junior majoring in advising business
• Patrick Manser from Elburn, a junior majoring in advising business and multimedia journal mass communication
• April Runde from Elburn, a junior majoring in advising business and Spanish
• Matthew Bowman from Elburn, a senior majoring in art history
• Tara Czepiel from Sugar Grove, a senior majoring in biology and Spanish
Benjamin Janis from Elburn, a senior majoring in computer science
Kristen Sanecki from Elburn, a sophomore majoring in English
Amanda Lindoo from Elburn, a senior majoring in geology
Emma Anderson from Elburn, a sophomore majoring in psychology and sociology with social welfare

Fall sports preview: Departure means opportunity

by Mike Slodki
MAPLE PARK—Second-year coach Tim Larsen has to deal with a lineup that sees personnel like Emma Anderson, Katie Hatch, Anna Rossi, Kristen Sanecki and Jen Zmrhal gone to graduation.

Larsen, however, returns several girls to the Lady Knights tennis squad that look to make good on opportunities created by the vacancies.

While singles and doubles slots are yet to be completely decided, Larsen feels that the initial practices were going well.

“I feel really good about it,” Larsen said about the current setup.

The intangible quality Larsen is most impressed with?

“A lot of leadership. They were here for four years and had (Cindy) Miller as varsity coach. But we have eight seniors returning this year, and I feel very good that we can be competitive this year,” Larsen said.

Liz Webb was singled out by Larsen has having good prospects coming into the season and has played throughout the year.

“I really do think she’s going to fill the void that Katie Hatch left,” Larsen said.

Varsity singles option Lindsay Jurcenko comes back for a second straight year after playing volleyball in the lower-class days.

Gone from the doubles and captains front are Sanecki and Zmrhal.

“They were captains along with Emma and kind of held the team together. Just having girls like Jen and Kristen around was a calming influence for everybody else,” Larsen said.

Kelsey Lenhardt and Liz Webb, doubles tandem a year ago, also make their return to the Lady Knight court in 2009.

Olivia Emmanouil, No.1 singles player from a year ago, returns, as does the doubles duo of Tessa Kuipers and Mel Mazuc.

For whatever kinks need to be worked out in the game, time will be saved on having to garner court time and experience.

“(The) really rewarding thing is that we’re just ironing out little bugs at this stage, just working on the little things with the returning players. It helps that I could be their coach when they were freshmen and again as seniors,” Larsen said.

The personnel representing Kaneland will continue to work toward improving on last season’s fortune, even with new faces.

“I want to go into matches thinking ‘we can win this,’” Larsen said.

This upcoming season marks the last in the short history of the Western Sun Conference, an arrangement which more often than not, gave KHS fits on the court.

“I feel good and bad about it. I think we’re still going to play Geneva and Batavia, and they serve kind of a measuring stick. I’d like to see as we continue to grow and improve, to see how we measure up against those teams in the future,” Larsen said.

The season serves up its first contest on Monday, Aug. 24, at Marmion Academy as Kaneland battles Rosary at 4:30 p.m.

The first conference battle is vs. Batavia on Thursday, Sept. 10, at 4:30 p.m., with the final regular season matchup at the Western Sun Conference tournament in Geneva on Saturday, Oct. 10.

KHS honor roll 2009

High Honor Roll
9th grade
Upashruti Agrawal, Lauren Allen, Abby Bend, Brianna Brehm, Taylor Buri, Lauren Companiott, Brian Edwards, Eric Eichelberger, Kelly Evers, Tyler Fabrizius, Jacob Ginther, Kristen Glover, Noelle Goodine, Kelsey Gould, Adam Grams, Malory Groen, Courtnie Holland, Christina Janes, Nicole Ketza, Thomas King, Benjamin Kovalick, Stelios Lekkas, Austin McElderry, Anna Novotny, Athanasios Pesmajoglou, Drew Peters, Alexa Reger, Nathan Rehkopf, Karyn Ribbens, Kayla Rivera, Nicholas Rodriguez, Stephanie Rosenwinkel, Maria Rossi, Margaret Ruppel, Alejandra Salinas, Connor Sandquist, Melissa Schmidt, Dana Schultz, Ashley Shearer, Kylie Siebert, Ashlyn Slamans, Molly Speckman, Anthony Sperando, Brandon Stahl, Trevor Storck, Katherine Taylor, Mackenzie Theisen, Valerie Tockstein, Catherine Tolan, Kalani Tovar, Delani Vest, Marissa Villafuerte, Mercedes Walper, Nicholas Wielgos, Isaac Williams, Anders Winquist-Bailey, Elliot Witt
10th grade
Priscilla Aguilar, Grant Alef, Taylor Andrews, Stephanie Breen, Jocelyn Cabral, Elaine Cannell, Cory Clausen, Jessica Corbett, Emily Darrow, Lacey Eberle, Caitlin Ellefsen, Collin Ellingwood, Ariana Espino, Amy Fabrizius, Brock Feece, Drew French, Danielle Frost, Allison Grossmann, Emily Heimerdinger, Amanda Helfers, Guillermo Hernandez, Andrew Hladilek, Lindsay Jurcenko, Joseph Kenkel, Jordan Krawczyk, Amanda Lamp, Corey Landers, Alexandra Leonhard, Christian Limbo, Jessica Lubic, Bernice Marsala, Katie Meuer, Danielle Micek, Abby Michels, Richard Miller, Sarah Morgan, Brian Olson, Nicole Ott, Keara Palpant, Brooke Patterson, Karissa Pitstick, Amber Platt, Alyson Rehr, Mackenzie Rich, Alicia Robinson, Linnea Scherer, Joshua Schuberg, Hannah Schuppner, Elizabeth Smith, Andrea Strang, Danielle Thomas, Holly Thomas, Brooke Thompson, Samantha Vazquez, Samantha Wantuch, Breanna White, Amanda Whiteside, Thomas Whittaker, Michael Wille, Caitlyn Young, Cara Zagel
11th grade
Jenna Bartel, Andrea Bruce, Danilo Bruno, Scott Burgholzer, Derek Bus, Emily Butts, Kristyn Chapman, Megan Cline, Stephen Colombe, Lindsey Dodis, Eric Dratnol, David Dudzinski, Joseph Garlinsky, Lily Garrison, Megan Gil, Trever Grimoldby, Tara Groen, Rebecca Hauge, Kevhlub Her, Joseph Herzer, Kevin Hodge, Katlin Howard, Angela Humphrey, Amy Husk, Haley Johnson, Samantha Johnson, Elizabeth Kennedy, Brett Ketza, Kevin Krasinski, Taylor Krause, Micaela Lane, Kelsey Lenhardt, Logan Markuson, Melanie Mazuc, Vincent Micek, Alexandra Morefield, Brianne Myers, Joss Nicholson, Zachary Nolte, Alyse Olson, Tara Olson, Kasey Ostarello, Kylen Pattermann, Justin Phillips, Lisa Roberson, Chelsea Roberts, Michelle Rodgers, Danielle Rose, Paula Ross, Patrick Ruffolo, Kelly Shaw, Nikki Smith, George Spirakis, Natalie Swieca, Kevin Szatkowski, Edgardo Valle, Elizabeth Webb
12th grade
Angelica Acosta, Emma Anderson, Kimberly Anderson, Daniel Arnold, Jessica Arnold, Lindsay Bartel, Kathryn Bergman, Ryan Blake, Emily Curran, Kelly Davies, Stacey Davis, Margaret Dawe, Lindsay Douglas, Samantha Eichelberger, Matthew Galica, Ashley Girard, Lauren Gould, Caitlin Haag, Matthew Haffner, Erica Hankes, Erin Hanold, Sarah Harant, Samantha Hauser, Devin Mae Heath, Jordan Herra, Alexa Hill, Rebecca Holloman, Michael Jenny, Hayden Johnson, Leina Kameyama, Emily Kenkel, Casey Komel, Kathleen Kuhar, Angeline Tracy Limbo, Anna Limbrick, Curtis Lubic, Chassidy Mangers, Briana Minogue, Kathleen Moravcik, Evan Olson, Madeline Osman, Christopher Ott, Sarah Otterness, Perren Palpant, Kelaine Patterson, Jordan Pinkston, Emiliano Ponce, Michael Pritchard, Nicole Prusinski, Jacqueline Ream, Bryan Renaud, Brody Root, Anna Rossi, John Rotella, Kristen Rusnok, Kristen Sanecki, William Schaid, Meghan Schiber, Christine Schieve, Jeffrey Smith, Daniel Spence, Emily Tockstein, Zachary Tolan, Santiago Tovar, Cristofer Vargas, Yasintorn Wongwoottisaroch, Victoria Yurachek, Joanna Zielinski, Jennifer Zmrhal

Honor Roll
9th grade
Erin Arndt, Rebecca Arnold, Dhurata Azemi, Raymond Barry, Madison Bluml, Jordyn Boley, Zachary Brown, Acalia Cleaver, Andrew Correll, Ashley Cottier, Ashley Diddell, Alex Dorado, Zachary Douglas, Katelyn Dudzinski, Mitchell Gemini, Ariel Geraghty, Ryan Goodenough, John Goodrich, Matthew Grimm, Samantha Hansen, Samantha Heinle, Austin Henkelman, LaQuanda Hood, Seleana Isaacs, Jordan Jones, Sarah Kitz, Denitza Kolev, Ryan Kolk, Kelly Kovacic, Alec Krueger, Amber-Rose Lano, Cesar Lazcano, Ashton MacKenzie, Aracelli Magana, Jacob Mazuc, Nicholas McCarney, Kayley McPhee, Julianne Miller, Brendan Morgan, Amelia Napiorkowski, Diana Nuno, Konstantin Paraskevov, Austin Paulson, Sierra Perteete, Jordan Phillips, Edker Pope, Jari Ramos-Orbe, Sawyer Rego, Courtney Reiss, Josias Rodriguez, Angela Schramer, Grace Snyder, Erica Sorensen, Meggen Southern, Dalton Stewart, Michael Tattoni, Carolina Tovar, Amber Urich, Bryan Van Bogaert, Savannah Webb, Taylor White, Joshua Williams, Jordyn Withey, Maverick Wojciechowski, Erin Woodill
10th grade
Athina Ajazi, Yesenia Ayala, Kristina Bowen, Taylor Bradbury, Patrick Bratschun, Kayla Burns, Tyler Callaghan, Josiah Camiliere, Shaela Collins, Lauren Crites, Jonathon Delgado, Cali Dickerson, Andrea Dimmig Potts, Brian Dixon, Nicholas Dodis, Michelle Dugan, Tyler Esposito, Zachary Ganz, Angelica Garza, Damien Gilbert, Hayley Guyton , Michael Hammermeister, Megan Hanlon, Anna Henrichs, Elizabeth Hylland, Kelsey James, Kellie Johnson, Morgan Johnson, Allison Jones, Pamela Katsigiannis, Dylan Keith, Maria Kernychny, Skyler King, John Kintz, Kristen Krajewski, Nathan Krauz, Cameron LeBlanc, Mark Merfeld, Kaitlin Munyon, Joshua Nahley, Derek Nordine, Angela Parillo, Angelica Perez, Jimmy Ramirez, Stewart Ream, Kendall Renaud, Keith Runde, Colleen Ryan, Nicole Rymarz, Curtis Secrest, Briana Stark, Charlene Steininger, Bethany Swartz, Robert Thorson, Erich Turk, Alexander Vallejo, Logan Vines, Christian Williams, Ryan Wozniak, Robert Zachara, Kelsey Zollinger
11th grade
Danielle Anderson, Randi Bader, Ryley Bailey, Brittany Bauer, Robert Bergstrom, Chloe Bluml, Dennis Brettman, Edgar Celaya, Jaclyn Diehl, Scott Dienst, Brock Dyer, Andrew Eberle, Olivia Fabrizius, Angela Filippin, Kalina Flamand, Sabrina Gabriele, Lauren Gallucci, Colleen Gebauer, Jeffrey Gillett, Dylan Good, Tyler Hamer, Aaron Hayman, Matthew Ikemire, Jaclyn Isham, Lindsay Kahl, Tessa Kuipers, Caitlin Larson, Brandie Mattice, Jessica McHenry, Donald McLennan, Thomas Orr, Sean Paulick, Brenda Petersen, Izatmar Quiroz, Jordan Rego, Matthew Reusche, Connor Risch, Erin Rocha, Erin Rodway, John Scholl, Alyssa Snyder, Bradley Staker, Daniel Steinmiller, Cody Stults, James Tarchala, Benjamin Tennant, Kayla Thompson, Jacob Tickle, Xavier Torres-Valdovinos, Abigayle VanDerHeyden, Katie Walton, Nicholas Zimmer
12th grade
Cecelia Anderson, Jacob Astin, Garrett Austin, Kathryn Banbury, Joshua Bloome, John Brennan, Michael Chavez, Paul Davies, Laney Deligianis, Samantha Dixon, Alycia Donais, Kevin Durrenberger, Kelsey Fletcher, Alyssa Galvan, Eric Geiger, Lindsay Gierke, Mallory Gigl, Sally Gorenz, Kristen Hamer, Laura Hansen, Kathryn Hatch, Adrian Hernandez, Erin Heyob, Amanda Hilton, Mallory Huml, Brianna Hurst, Sonja Isaacs, Jenna Ivkovich, Krista Johnson, Lydia King, William King, Christopher Kovacic, Meghan Krajewski, Robert Kuti, Nathan Lewis, Robert Locke, Dylan Luse, Grant Mooney, Brittany Nelson, Michael Nguyen, Alexandra Olson, Daniela Parra, Benjamin Paulus, Troy Pritchard, Scott Proctor, Frank Reyes, Leah Richards, Paige Rogers, Sara Rose, Luis Ruiz, Joseph Ruppel, Samantha Sills, Kyle Slamans, Joseph Spitzzeri, Zachary Stavinsky, Jessica Stebbins, Kyle Stryczek, Annelise Weiss, Rick White, Lauren Whittaker, Cassandra Wilson, Mariella Zavala, Dana Zimmer

‘Beauty and the Beast’ a beauty of a production

by Susan O’Neill
Disney’s musical “Beauty and the Beast” has been Kaneland High School senior Samantha Eichelberger’s favorite show since she was a little girl. By the time she was 3 years old, she knew the words to all the songs. She said she felt a real connection to Belle, the main character in the story, with whom she shared a love of reading.

“I would say, ‘Look, mommy, she likes to read, too,’” she said.

When she got older, she developed an even greater appreciation for the music. So when she was chosen to play Belle in the high school’s production of Beauty and the Beast, she was thrilled.

The students of Kaneland High School performed the musical last Friday, Saturday and Sunday. All three days were well-attended, and Sunday was a sold-out show. In full costume, the cast joined a room full of little boys and girls for a brunch before Sunday’s matinee. Some of the children dressed up like their favorite characters, and posed for souvenir pictures with the actors.

“I love the little kids,” cast member Emily Kenkel said. “They’re so in awe.”

Kenkel, who played Mrs. Potts, was dressed like a tea-pot, with one arm for the handle and the other to pour. She said she had a lot of fun with her role as an inanimate object.

This was Kenkel’s last high school production. She graduates this spring and said she will likely become a music teacher. She said she was happy that her last play was such a huge production.

And a huge production it was. Many of the actors had several costume changes during the performance, some as many as three. There were also a number of set changes, as well.

Everything worked flawlessly. Ilene Carter, the director, said that high school junior and stage manager Scott Dykstra had everything under control.

She said he was very disciplined during the rehearsals and performances. He would not allow any chatter over the seven headsets he had going to give everyone direction.

“It was amazing the way he pulled everything together,” Carter said.

Bradley Staker, who played The Beast, not only played one of the lead roles, but also put a lot of time into helping build the sets. He also assisted with the lights “and all the fun stuff,” he said.

Staker said the role of The Beast fit him, because his friends consider him a big cuddly beast. He said he has been singing since the second grade when he sang a solo in the children’s Christmas concert at his church.

“I’ve been singing ever since,” he said.

He began performing in musicals in high school and is a part of the Madrigals and the boy’s choir. Although he is a junior, he has already decided he will major in music education in college. He wants to teach choral music.

Gaston, also known as Kevin Krasinski, said Beauty and the Beast was a part of his childhood, as well. He said it was nice to reminisce while they rehearsed for the performance.

He said playing Gaston was exciting for him, and he was really able to lose himself in the character. Krasinski is 6’1” tall, and similar to Gaston, he has a large presence.

“I’m like Gaston in that I carry myself in a big manner,” he said. “Gaston has a big personality and he is boastful. They always know he’s in the room.”

Krasinski said he has been acting since he was in eighth grade, when he tried out for a play and ended up with the role of Daddy Warbucks. He said he realized then how much fun it was. He also started singing when he was very young.

When he was in sixth or seventh grade, he started to pursue music more seriously. He joined the Midnight Special, the concert choir and the Madrigals, and began performing in musicals.

The other main cast members are Chloe Bluml as Madame de la Grande Bouche, Brock Feece as Lefou, Joey Kenkel as Maurice, Belle’s father, Kathryn Lanute as Chip, Bryan Renaud as Lumiere, Kendall Renaud as Cogsworth, Jake Rosco as Monsieur D’Arque and Bessie Tockstein as Babette.

Mike Panegouleas is the narrator, James Tockstein is the young prince, Taylor Carlson and Danielle Rose played the enchantress, and the silly girls were played by Emma Anderson, Natalie Sweica and Samantha Vazquez.

In addition to the students who played the leads and other larger parts, Carter said there were many others who helped to make the production a success.

“The chorus members worked just as hard rehearsing,” she said. (The musical number) “Be Our Guests” is 12 minutes long.”

The chorus began rehearsing the music under musical director Bryan Kunstman the week of Jan. 9, and students began work on the sets with technical director Chad Carlson at about the same time. Carter said for the high school orchestra to learn that much music in that short of a time was a tribute to orchestra director Aaron Puckett.

Carter, who teaches theatre at the high school, said they were lucky to have choreographer Paula Frasz work with the cast. Frasz is a professor of dance and choreographer at Northern Illinois University.

Lisa Hodge was in charge of the costumes, and Carter said she made the changes look effortless from the audience. She said parents helped in every capacity.

“We had the right combination of people to make the quality happen,” she said.

Eichelberger said she definitely had fun during this performance and particularly enjoyed coming out on stage in the yellow dress.

“I could hear the kids going, ‘Ooooh,’” she said. “My mom said the little girl behind her said, ‘She’s so pretty.’ I felt like a princess.”