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Letter: Fire Foster for incompetence or cowardice

As each major piece of legislation (bailout, stimulus, health-care) approached a vote, I contacted Rep. Foster numerous times to learn his position and intended vote.

Similar to most, I had major concerns and simply wanted to understand the “well thought out” reasoning of his position. On each occasion, he was “still considering” until the moment he cast his vote.

He has either been wholly incompetent in not reading and understanding the bills he has voted on, or been too cowardly to stand up to Pelosi and put the interests of the people who elected him first. Either is good cause for termination.

Sadly, I voted for Rep. Foster, believing he was an intelligent and principled man … I apparently was wrong on both counts.

Rep. Foster has shown he takes his orders and represents the Democratic National Committee, not the people of the 14th District. For his votes, Bill Foster will be rewarded with bundles of money for his campaign and will use that money to try and gloss over his failure to be an honest and honorable representative of the people.

For that, we must show him the door or admit we are willing to look the other away as our country goes down the tubes due to incompetence, cowardice and corruption of our elected officials.

We the people must clean house and restore honor and sanity to our government.

Greg Srch
Sugar Grove