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Letter: In support of Ethan Hastert for Elburn Village Board

I am writing today to encourage the residents of Elburn to vote for Ethan Hastert for Elburn Village Board. I have known Ethan for a number of years and I am confident he will be a great asset on the Board.

Elburn has many challenges as do many other communities. We need bright and common sense trustees to lead us into the future. Ethan is smart and has very keen insight into those future challenges that we will face.

He is also someone that can work very well with other trustees as well as the village president and staff. He is a very thoughtful father and husband who care’s very much about our community as he raises his young family.

In my view this is what it is all about. Caring about your community and wanting to get involved. These days it is getting harder and harder to get good people to run for office.

When it happens I say take them up on it.

I have lived in Elburn for many years. I served on the Village Board for 8 years. I am currently the Chairman of the Elburn Planning Commission and I encourage you to support Ethan for Village Trustee on April 5.

Jeffrey Metcalf

Letter: In support of Bill Grabarek

I am writing today to encourage the residents of Elburn to vote to re-elect Bill Grabarek for Elburn Village Board. I have known and served with Bill on the board for many years. In my view, Bill has earned the support of Elburn residents.

Bill has lived in Elburn for many years and has worked tirelessly to look out for Elburn residents. He has worked hard to make sure that developers pay their fair share when they bring new developments to the village. He cares very much for our community and its well being.

Bill has the total respect of his fellow trustees and works very well with the village president and staff.

I consider Bill a friend and was very happy to hear that he wanted to run again. In my view, we’re very lucky to have him.

I have lived in Elburn for many years. I served on the Village Board for eight years. I am currently the Chairman of the Elburn Planning Commission, and I encourage you to support Bill Grabarek for re-election to the Elburn Village Board. on April 5, 2011.

Jeffrey Metcalf

Commission says no, sort of

Elburn—The Elburn Planning Commission voted against recommending the approval of an application to allow a dog daycare facility in Welch Creek Business Center at 630 Herra St.

Commission members voted the application down on one finding of fact: the effects of such elements as noise, glare, odor, fumes and vibration on adjoining properties.

“It presents as a ‘no’ vote,” Planning Commission Chairman Jeffrey Metcalf said. “We’ve never had a situation like that before. It’s such an unknown. But the Village Board can override it.”

Metcalf said that the vote was more or less a technicality. The board offered conditions that would make it more likely to be passed, including following the noise ordinance, that there be no odors, fewer than 40 dogs at one time, predominantly indoors and communication with the neighbors. The board suggested a 12-month review process to see how things are going.

The application will be referred to the Village Board for a vote on Feb. 22.

Letter: Dave Anderson is ready to lead

I am writing today to give my full endorsement to Dave Anderson for village president.

I had the privilege to serve on the Elburn Village Board from 1999-2007. In that time period we accomplished a great deal in Elburn under the awesome leadership of Jim Willey and an amazing group of very dedicated village trustees and village staff.

It’s time for change in our community, and I feel that Dave Anderson is ready to lead. He has an enormous amount of governmental leadership experience unmatched by any other candidate running for this office. He also has the unique distinction of a family involvement in this community for many years.

We all knew Dave when we popped into the local grocery store to pick up a few items. Dave has a pulse on the community like none other. I would also share a personal note: Dave was my landlord for my growing business over the years. My company occupied the second floor of the grocery for several years.

Dave was always supportive of my small business. Even though we were always able to pay the rent on time, if we were there now under these economic times and might be a bit late, I know that Dave would be willing (to) work with us. Dave is a true friend of small business.

Our community has grown a lot over the past number of years. Our revenues have declined dramatically over the past couple of years, as have most communities across Chicagoland. Economic stewardship is required now more than ever. What better person to do that than someone who has met a payroll and understands budgets and how to manage them.

I love this community with all my heart. My wife and I just built a new house in Blackberry Creek. I tell her that they will have to carry me out of our dream house, and that’s the truth. When I look at Elburn and what is going to be required over the next coming years to help guide our village, Dave Anderson is a slam dunk in my view.

I hope that you will agree. Please be sure to vote on April 7 for village president, as well as filling three very important village trustee positions.

Jeffrey Metcalf
Former village trustee