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Letter: In support of Sean Michels

I look at an elected official as a business development officer for a company. If the elected official brings money back, is visible in the community and works with others, that official should be re-elected.

However, if an elected official cannot produce a list of any significant accomplishments in 17 years, has not become a part of the leadership in his own party and does not work with local officials, I believe we should elect someone else.

That’s why I am not voting for Mr. Lauzen. He lists no significant accomplishments on his campaign material. What has he been doing for 17 years?

I will vote, and ask you to vote, for Sean Michels, state Senator.

Joel and Lisa Eaves
Sugar Grove

Silver lining

Kaneland 6th Grade Silver Stars swept the Road to Success basketball tournament at Neuqua Valley and took first place on Feb. 21-22. This is the second tournament sweep for the Silver Stars after Stormin’ to the Hoop in St. Charles. The team is made up of girls from Sugar Grove, Maple Park and Elburn. The team also successfully completed a food drive this past weekend for the Elburn Food Pantry—donating 31 bags of canned goods to the charity. Top Row: Coach Joel Eaves, Samantha Payton, Katrina Paulick, Madeline Michaels, Julia Golbeck, Rachel Keske and Coach Fernando Saltijeral. Middle row: Madeline Saloga, Rachel Miller and Taylor Eaves. Bottom row: Emily Grams, Vanessa Saltijeral and Regan Prost. Courtesy Photo