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Sugar Grove resident opens tutoring franchise

Photo: Sugar Grove resident Laura Keske has opened a Club Z! In-Home Tutoring Service franchise that offers one-on-one help to students in North Aurora, Aurora, Elburn, Maple Park and Big Rock. Here she looks over some books to be used in upcoming tutoring sessions. Photo by John DiDonna

by Keith Beebe
Sugar Grove—Sugar Grove resident Laura Keske in February bought a franchise of the Club Z! In-Home Tutoring Services, which is the nation’s largest one-on-one in-home tutoring service. As a result, Keske’s franchise is currently serving students in Elburn, Maple Park, Big Rock, Hinckley, North Aurora, Sycamore, DeKalb and portions of Aurora.

“We tutor all subjects, pre Kindergarten to adult, with one-on-one sessions in the student’s home,” Keske said. “Our tutors are either certified teachers or degreed professionals specializing in the higher maths and sciences.”

Prior to entering the home-tutoring business, Keske spent more than 20 years working for major corporations in finance and accounting. She got involved with home tutoring because she wanted to provide a service that benefits the local community while providing herself with a more flexible schedule for her family, which includes a 9th grader at Kaneland High School and a 6th grader at Harter Middle School.

“I love this business. We are working with students one-on-one and developing customized programs to get them ahead in school. It’s so rewarding to hear the success stories of the students and the know I’m making a difference in the community,” Keske said. “Additionally, our tutors are recruited locally, so we are providing part-time jobs for folks in the community. That makes me feel good.”

Keske said Club Z! In-Home Tutoring can help raise a student’s grades, provide motivation and help build their self-esteem. Her students are tutored in the comfort and convenience of their own homes, and the service is structured around the schedule of the student’s family.

“If a parent notices their child struggling in school, the best thing they can do is take action before the problem gets worse,” Keske said. “With one-on-one tutoring, we can get to the root of the problem and help the student understand the missing concepts. This lays a solid foundation for the future.”

Keske said Club Z! has been receiving a lot of phone calls for tutoring, especially for math.

“Since each area of math is a building block, if a student is stuggling with a particular concept, it could hurt them all down the road,” she said. “Our tutors know how to help the student understand the missing concept and move them forward.

Club Z! also has study skills programs called “Learning Built to Last,” as well as ACT Prep.

Keske said the study skills program is a something every middle school and high school student should take to help them with organization, test anxiety, setting goals, memorization skills and much more to help them become a balanced learner.

“We also provide customized ACT Prep programs to help students achieve a higher score and have a chance to get into their college of choice. Our students scores increase four points on average,” she said.

For more information on Club Z! In-Home Tutoring Services, or to set up a tutoring session, visit www.clubztutoring.com, or call (630) 277-8117.

Letter: Sugar Grove donors response

Your blood donations were so needed and so important, and on March 1 you responded.

Our blood drive was a huge success, due in part to the Sugar Grove Firefighters Auxiliary, the Sugar Grove Fire Department, the Heartland Blood Center staff, and all of our extra helpers.

We send a special thank you to our donors for sharing the gift of life: Carolyn Abruzzo, Jeff Babich, Shawn Beyer, Kate Boehmer, Steve Boehmer, James Budzyn, Jennifer Calabrese, Perry Clark, Clara Cooper, Pat Davis, Lee Drendel, Jick Eckert, Tara Evers, Steve Good, Denise Goress, Mark Goress, George Hannemann, Susan Hayden, Jack Holleran, Mike Janco, John Jandovitz, Jane Johnson, Laura Keske, Ted Koch, Kim Kriceri, Sally McClellan, Suzanne McCracken, Sean Michels, Brandon J. Mires, Lisa Molitor, Russell Molitor, Jennifer Mourousias, Clarance Nolan, Crystal Quiroga, Jan Ray, Andrew Reynolds, Judy Rios, Brian Schiber, Erin Schiber, Damon Schultz, Christy Seawall, Don Sommerville, Christine Steenwyk, Jeff Steenwyk, Andrea Strobert, Marisa Tenorio, Renee Tonioni, Rachel Warren, Dana Weber, Molly Wolf, Annettee Wood, Dan Wurtz, James Zablocki, Scott Zaeske, Steve Zick.

We also deeply appreciate those who attempted but were unable to donate blood. The next Sugar Grove blood drive is scheduled for Monday, Sept. 13.

Joy Rubo
Blood Drive coordinator
Sugar Grove