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Mediacom promises fixes to service issues

by Susan O’Neill
SUGAR GROVE—Sugar Grove village staff met with representatives from Mediacom May 28 to discuss problems residents have experienced with Mediacom’s service, as well as significant problems uncovered during a physical plant inspection.

“They want to get this stuff fixed,” village Financial Director Justin VanVooren said. “They don’t want people to be unhappy.”

Results from a recent survey the village conducted with residents regarding their Mediacom service identified numerous problems. Among the problems were waits of up to 40 to 45 minutes on hold before a customer service representative would answer their call.

The Mediacom representatives told VanVooren the company has added 75 employees to its customer call center, which they said has reduced the phone-call wait to about five minutes.

Problems with the physical plant include missing or cracked covers on cable boxes, resulting in water damage to the wiring.

The village has a non-exclusive franchise agreement with Mediacom. As a result of the many issues identified with Mediacom, the Village Board asked staff to look into other options for providers.
Mediacom representatives agreed to provide a report within 30 days regarding the status of the identified issues, either that they have been fixed or what will be done to fix them.
“I thought the meeting was very good,” VanVooren said. “We had some good conversation. They seemed sincere.”
VanVooren said Mediacom representatives contacted them after a recent article published by the Elburn Herald regarding problems with service.

Village passes new cable ordinance

Staff to meet with MediaCom to discuss problems
by Susan O’Neill
The Sugar Grove Village Board on Tuesday approved a cable franchise ordinance for new cable companies wishing to locate in Sugar Grove.

Separate from the agreement the village currently has with MediaCom, the village’s main cable provider, the ordinance spells out standards for current and anticipated technical, facility, procedural and operational, franchise and customer service issues.

Also included in the ordinance are recommendations gathered from a customer survey and a community-wide village meeting regarding services that MediaCom provides.

“The survey showed that people are not happy with their MediaCom service,” Sugar Grove Finance Director Justin VanVooren said during the discussion of the ordinance at the May 5 Committee of the Whole meeting.

Village staff will meet with Media Com representatives on Thursday, May 21, to discuss problems and issues residents would like to have resolved prior to the renewal of the Media Com’s contract with the village later this year.

“We’ll use the ordinance as a starting point,” VanVooren said.

SG reports major MediaCom problems

by Susan O’Neill
A study of Mediacom’s performance confirmed what many residents already knew-the cable provider is not meeting their needs.

The study, conducted by Municipal Services Associates, Inc., found that a majority of Mediacom’s subscribers who responded to the survey had reported cable outages during the past three years. Nearly three-quarters of them had contacted Mediacom for repairs.

A significant proportion reported poor reception, billing problems, converter box problems, unburied cables and cable disconnections. Telephone customer service and repair response times were below what they should be, according to Municipal Services Associates, Inc. President Stuart Chapman. One in 10 problems was never resolved.

There is one bright spot in the study.

“The picture and sound quality, when they do get it, is above average,” Chapman said.

In addition to the customer survey, Chapman’s firm conducted a visual inspection of the physical cable system throughout the village, as well as in Elburn. He found numerous problems with damaged green boxes, cabelling, poor workmanship and poor maintenance. There were numerous safety code and electric code violations.

These physical problems likely caused the outages, poor reception, poor Internet performance, according to Chapman.

Chapman said he saw similar problems in Elburn, reflecting what are likely system-wide issues in the Kane County service area.

The village’s contract with MediaCom is up for renewal this fall. Village President Sean Michels said they have time to work out the problems with the cable company and will make resolution of these problems part of the renewal process.

“Some problems we can address with the contract, like customer service and repairs,” Chapman said. “We don’t have the authority to make them change programming.”

There are approximately 4,100 homes in the village, including Prestbury, and approximately 2,500 are MediaCom subscribers, Chapman said.

The Iowa-based company, located in the Quad Cities, opened an office in Elburn last summer. The contract with MediaCom is a mutual agreement between Sugar Grove and Elburn.