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Kaneville looks back on the year

by Natalie Juns

KANEVILLE—Kaneville Village President Pat Hill believes the village’s greatest accomplishment for 2013 was saving its local village post office.

Hill found out in early December that the village’s efforts to save the Kaneville Post Office had been heard.

“Now that it isn’t closing, we need to work hard to keep the revenue of the post office up for the upcoming year,” Hill said.

Since small, rural post offices are in danger of going out of business, the Kaneville Post Office has had to reduce its hours to stay afloat. Its current hours are now Monday through Friday, 12:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m, and on Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to noon.

The Kaneville Village Board has other reasons to be proud of 2013, too.

Hill was elected Village President this past April after serving on the board as a trustee since 2006. The board has also added four new board members, Carl Hauser, Tim Christopher, Jon Behm and Nick Garifalis, Road Commissioner Dale Pierson, and four new Plan Commision members, including Henry Harwell, Paul (Griz) Stouver, Del Ward and Cliff Hill.

The board also welcomed Al Witney as its new township supervisor, and Serina Hauser as village clerk.

Progress was made in the village with the resurfacing of Merrill Avenue and Lovell Road. The village expects the project to be completed next spring.

The Village Board this year worked to notify residents of flooding in ditches located on the southwest portion of Kaneville, and of the repairs the village plans on implementing in the ditches and culverts next year.

On a social note, the village drew residents together with the lighting of their Christmas tree, donated by Strang Landscaping, during the Christmas in Kaneville event on Dec. 7.

“It was great having the Christmas tree lighting on Dec. 7,” Hill said. “We had around 20 people show up for the event, and Santa, one of the most important people, was there. The kids really enjoyed it and were also able to hang ornaments on our tree, donated by Strang Landscaping.”

Kaneville will hold fundraisers next spring and fall for future Kaneville Fest and Christmas in Kaneville events.

Kaneville Village Board

by Susan O’Neill
Two incumbents and two new candidates are running for three positions on the Kaneville Village Board. All of the candidates said they want to be involved in the decisions that will determine the future of the village of Kaneville and maintain its rural character and friendly environment.

The two incumbents said that since the incorporation of the village, they have worked to build the foundation for the village government, created ordinances as a guide for how decisions are made and conducted a census so the village receives its appropriate tax money from the state.

Incumbent Jon Behm said the board recently approved a variance to the setback requirements on a property to allow room for a water and sewer line. Incumbent Pat Hill said the result was to enable the owner to turn a poorly laid out piece of property into a productive business in town, Linear Kinetics.

Both said the key current issue in town is to fix the sidewalks so people can safely walk around town and feel more connected as a community. The village obtained a grant to help lay the groundwork for the project.

Hill said she wants to help plan for smart growth outside and near the village, and determine how the village will provide services for the new subdivision when it is built. She has started a Neighborhood Watch Program, which will provide a more uniform way for neighbors to look out for each other.

Behm said he works well with people. He said he listens to everything and weighs all the impacts, both good and bad, before he makes a decision that will affect the village. He said being a parent has helped, because government takes longer than one thinks and it takes patience.

Hill said she wants to continue to be the voice for the community, bringing people’s concerns to the board.

The two new candidates bring their own ideas for improvements to the village.

Peck said he wants to replace the sidewalks and get the culverts cleaned out and replaced to help with the drainage, without raising taxes. He said his employment background has given him good management experience, and his education has provided accounting and business knowledge that he believes would help with decision-making and reviewing financial information.

He said he likes to pitch in and work to get things done. He said he has good family morals and beliefs and will serve where he is needed.

Garifalis said he thinks property taxes are an issue and he would like to help people understand how the money is allocated and where it goes. He said he thinks the residents are paying too much in taxes, considering they are on well and septic and have no sidewalks.

He said he would work to identify state and federal grants and other funding to assist the village. He would negotiate with the utility providers, such as waste haulers and water providers, to obtain bulk rate discounts. He wants to explore ways of generating more revenue for the village, such as holding festivals and farmer’s markets in town and leasing out the baseball fields and the gymnasium.

Garifalis said he has a broad skill set that makes him a good candidate for the job. He grew up in his family’s restaurant business, and was a manager by the time he was 17 years old. He said he started his own telecom business which installs telephone support for businesses.

He said he understands how to bring business into the downtown area. He has participated as a vendor in festivals and other events, such as the Blueberry Fest in South Haven, Mich., Greektown Fest in Chicago and the Olympics in Atlanta, Ga.

Jon Behm
Birthplace: Elgin
4 years in Kaneville
Occupation: Owner, plumbing company
Education: 2 semesters at Elgin Community College, 4-year trade school
program to become licensed plumber
Community involvement: Conducted the village census at incorporation

Pat Hill

Birthplace: Naperville
14 years in Kaneville
Occupation: Hill’s Country Store owner
Education: 2 years of college, criminal law
Community involvement: Kaneville Historical Society member, Friends
of Kaneville Library, Kaneville Baseball, Kaneville fest organizer, active
St. Gall’s church member and volunteer, past involvement with 4-H
and the Kaneville Fire Department fund-raisers

Nick Garifalis
Birthplace: Downer’s Grove
5 years in Kaneville
Occupation: Telecom sales business owner
Education: High School graduate
Community involvement: Appointed chair, temporary Kaneville Zoning
Committee, two years, Main Street Committee in Lombard to create
and organize festivals and shows to increase downtown traffic and
obtain funding from state government.

Rick Peck
Birthplace: Oak Park
Five years in Kaneville
Occupation: Telecommunications engineer
Education: Associate’s Degree in general education
Community involvement: Attends monthly Village Board meetings; helps
out neighbors and serves where he is needed.