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Letter: Candidates, voters invited to Oct. 16 forum

All candidates and voters are invited to The Crossings Clubhouse at the corner of Fisher Drive and Heartland Drive in Geneva on Saturday, Oct. 16. All are welcome to come and meet the candidates running for election.

I expect to have candidates for federal, state, county and city races to attend and speak to our voters one on one, so everyone can ask questions and have them answered. All political parties are invited.

The address is 2684 Stone Circle, Geneva.

Richard H. Sharp

Letter: Rep. Foster needs to engage with constituents

Why does Rep. Foster have so many people writing letters to the editor for him? Is this a new type of free campaigning?

One thing never mentioned in these letters is that he never comes out of his office to explain what a great health plan he has supported. While all the letters say he listens to his constituents, he did not hear the multitude who opposed this expensive program; or that he will never present his support for the health bill to a group face to face.

Many of the details in this health bill are being exposed, brought to light for the public, and the public sees that these details are not good.
I have attended meetings in front of Rep. Foster’s office, and he never comes out to explain this so-called wonderful bill, nor does one of his staff come out to us to explain things, much less how we will pay for all of it.

Rep. Foster, if you plan on getting re-elected, you better start facing us and telling us why your health plan should have our support. While some update of our current health care needs some tweaking, this bill of the Democrats has nothing to do with improvement.

Mr. Foster, you had better do a clearer explanation of this bill or you will not be re-elected.

Richard H. Sharp

Letter: Time to rebuild our democracy

Wake up America. This election period we are in is one of the most important times in our recent history. We are being governed by the most liberal, and may I say, socialistic-minded people I ever can remember.

And just so you know, I remember FDR very well.

We are losing our American freedoms piece by piece, and we are responsible for this because we have not paid close enough attention to those governing us.

A word, now, to those who do not vote in primaries. You are a big part of where we find ourselves. We have many really capable, creditable and skilled conservative candidates from which to choose to lead us.

My advice, start researching these candidates on the Internet. Find out what they have done in politics, how they have voted. Discover their business practices and how that might affect your vote.

I’m tired of hearing “I don’t like to declare my party.” Are you ashamed to declare? If you don’t declare in primaries, you get other people’s choices.

This election allows you the chance to take back your American freedoms. I have attended some very good political forums and have met some very accomplished candidates face to face. From there, you get a fresh picture of them instead of the sound bites found on their brochures. Take advantage of these free opportunities.

Do your homework, study the issues and vote on Feb. 2. We need to rebuild our democracy.

Richard H. Sharp