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The call to celebrate, commemorate

by Lynn Meredith
Kaneland alumni, community members, teachers, staff and administration—take a moment to look back over the years at the people you have known from Kaneland. Who stands out in your memories? You have the chance to thank, recognize and celebrate the contributions of those people in the annual Kaneland Hall of Fame.

The Hall of Fame committee is accepting nominations of Kaneland alumni who qualify for six categories of outstanding contribution not only to the school, but to their communities, state or country. Nominees must have graduated from Kaneland more than 10 years ago.

Former students can be nominated in the Service category for significant contribution to their community, state or country; in the Personal Acheivement category for recognition by their college, profession or peers; and in the Extra-Curriculars category for recognition of excellence by their team or organization for at least two years.

Past or present staff members who have worked for a minimum of 10 years are eligible to be nominated. So are any friends of Kaneland who have given meritorious service or have been a loyal friend to Kaneland. A Kaneland team or organization that showed outstanding achievement through record status or state recognition is eligible.

The submission deadline date is Friday, Feb. 20. Pick up a nomination form from Sharon Sabin in the Superintendent’s Office at (630) 365-5111, ext. 109, or at www.kaneland.org.

Categories of contribution
Service: A former Kaneland student who has contributed significantly to their community, state or country. The student must have graduated from Kaneland High School and been out of school for more than 10 years.

Personal Achievement: A former Kaneland student who has been honored or recognized by a college, profession or peers for success and achievements. This person also must have been out of school for more than 10 years.

Extra-curriculars: Former extra-curricular participants who were recognized for excellence by their organization or team for at least two years. In addition, received honors in one or all of the following: All Conference, District, Section, State or American. The student must have graduated from Kaneland High School and been out of school for more than 10 years.

Commitment: Past or present staff members who worked in the Kaneland School District for a minimum of 10 years.

Friend of Kaneland: Those who have given meritorious service to the Kaneland School District, or are a loyal friend to the school.

Teamwork: A Kaneland team or organization, which had outstanding achievement which may include record status or state recognition, 10 years prior to selection.

Kaneland School District notes

by Lynn Meredith

Kaneland seeks citizens for advisory boards

The Kaneland School District is looking for members of the community to serve on the Citizens’ Advisory Committee (CAC), Facilities Planning Committee (FPC) and Finance Advisory Committee (FAC).

The CAC advises the Kaneland School Board and administration on educational issues facing the district. Members will be asked to study problems and issues, and discuss them in meetings.

The FPC is tasked to help maintain and improve educational programs and services for students. The group will consider the facilities currently in use, as well as how facilities and sites can be developed in the future.

The FAC monitors financial issues and trends, and will advise the School Board on economic issues.

“Please know that the selection committees will seek representation from the various attendance areas within the Kaneland community,” a district press release stated. “We seek a cross section of opinions and educational perspectives within a general ability to work constructively with others … More than 50 percent of Kaneland households have no school-age children in them, and those households should be represented on these committees.”

To learn more about membership on the CAC, FPC or FAC and for an application form, contact Sharon Sabin at the Kaneland District office at (630) 365-5111, ext. 109, or sharon.sabin@ kaneland.org. Applications are due Tuesday, Feb. 17.

Five candidates run for School Board

With three vacancies on the Kaneland School Board, three incumbants and two new candidates filed their intentions to run in the April 7 election.

Elmer Gramley from Kaneville Township, Cheryl Krauspe from Campton Township and Jonathan Berg from Blackberry Township each will run for another term. Pedro Rivas from Blackberry Township and Kenneth Carter from Virgil Township will run for a first term.

A public lottery will be held on Friday, Jan. 30 at 11:30 a.m. in the Kaneland District offices to determine the placement of names on the ballot.