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April 7 Sugar Grove election results

The following unofficial results are courtesy of Kane County. Winners are listed in bold.

Sugar Grove Village President

P. Sean Michels    957
Perry “PC” Clark    514

Sugar Grove Village Board

Joseph R. Wolf    600
Robert E. Bohler    733
David Paluch    601
Rick Montalto    627
Thomas F. Renk    661
Mary E. Heineman (Write-in): 450

Sugar Grove Community House Board

Vote for three
Stan L. Schumacher    957
Dan Long    938
Lillie Adams    1077

Tim M. Wilson    875

Sugar Grove Public Library Board

6-year term
Art Morrical    1352

Sugar Grove Public Library Board

Unexpired 4-year term
Joan R. Roth    942
Sabrina Malano    545

Sugar Grove Public Library Board

Unexpired 2-year term
William Wulff    327
Julie K. Wilson    794
Christina Cella    389

Sugar Grove Public Library Referendum

Yes    770
No    1277

Community House Board

by Susan O’Neill
When a Sugar Grove Township Community House Board member decided to retire, the opening encouraged two Sugar Grove residents to get involved.

The three positions on the board are president, secretary and treasurer. The elected board decides how to split the responsibilities.

The Community House is a public facility open to the community for meetings, parties and sports events. It has a gym, kitchen and large gathering areas. The board maintains and makes improvements to the building, oversees its operations, keeps it stocked and schedules its use.

The election involves two long-term board members and two new candidates for the three positions.

Lil Adams, who has served on the board for more than 30 years, said she has the maturity and the sense of responsibility to successfully handle the responsibilities involved. She said it is a seven-day-a-week, 24-hour-a-day-job. She said she has a strong feeling for the building and has worked hard to keep it updated. She would like to continue providing her services to the community, keeping the building accessible to everyone in the community.

Stan Schumacher, who has served on the board for approximately 25 years, said that with his background in finance, he is equipped to handle the budgets and has been successful in organizing and running projects to improve and maintain the building.

His other community involvement has included organizing girls’ softball in Sugar Grove. He was coach and board member for the Northern Illinois Thunder, a girls traveling fast pitch team. He is a past commander of the American Legion.

He said the Community House is a fixture in the community, and he takes a lot of pride in its upkeep and use. He wants to make sure it stays well-maintained and presentable. His company, Midwest Ground Cover, designed the landscaping for the building and upgraded everything a few years ago.

Dan Long said he has a lot of energy and would like to help expand the activities and programs offered for children, as well as generate some new activities in the gym, such as an adult volleyball league. He has coached grade school and high school sports and was a successful fundraiser for the girls’ basketball team.

Tim Wilson said that owning a home for 16 years has given him a good understanding of what it takes to maintain a building and hire others for some of the work. He lives directly across the street from the Community House and said his proximity is a plus for keeping a watchful eye on the building.

He said he would like to make the building even more accessible and available than it is currently. He said he considers the building the crown jewel of Sugar Grove and wants to keep it in good shape.

The candidates

Lil Adams

• Currently board treasurer and
community house scheduler
• Adams makes reservations, collects
money from users and pays the bills.
She keeps the building supplied and
works with maintenance people
• 41 years in Sugar Grove
• Served on the board for
more than 30 years
• Retired telephone operator for AT&T

Stan Schumacher
• Current board president
• Schumacher oversees the building
operations and coordinates with
township, manages projects for
capital improvements, creates the
budgets and tax levies
• Served on the board for
approximately 25 years
• VP of Finance for Midwest Ground
Covers, St. Charles

Tim Wilson
• 16 years in Sugar Grove
• Outside plant technician for AT&T,
Sugar Grove area

Dan Long
• 13 years in Sugar Grove
• Material handler for parts distribution
center for International Truck and
Engine, West Chicago

Public invited to Candidate’s Night March 19

Sugar Grove Candidates Night will take place on Thursday, March 19, at 7 p.m. at 141 Main St. at the Community House in Sugar Grove.

Incumbent Village President Sean Michels is challenged by Perry Clark, former director of the Sugar Grove Economic Development Corporation.

There are three open village trustee positions. The five candidates are Robert E. Bohler, Rick Montalto, David Paluch, Thomas Renk and Joseph Wolf.

There are two open two-year library trustee positions. The three candidates are Christina Cella, Julie Wilson and William Wulff. There is one four-year term available. The two candidates are Sabrina Malano and Joan Roth.

There are three Kaneland School District Board open positions. The five candidates are Jonathan H. Berg, Kenneth L. Carter, Elmer Gramley, Cheryl Krauspe and Pedro Rivas.

There are three Sugar Grove Township Community House Board open positions. The four candidates are Lillie Adams, Dan Long, Stam Schumacher and Tim Wilson.

Each candidate in attendance will be introduced. Contested race candidates will provide a two-minute statement. Candidates for village president and village trustee will take part in a forum in which they will be asked a variety of questions.

Citizens may submit questions for the candidates in advance by sending an e-mail to Shari Baum, Executive Director, Sugar Grove Chamber of Commerce and Industry at sbaum@ sugargrovechamber.org.